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Collab / Space Misfits / Silica Nexus
Enjin powered game Space Misfits, a Space Sandbox MMO, joins Silica Nexus Ecosystem. They’re creating a new mechanism using Arcade machines.

News / eGamers / The Six Dragons / Enjin
Follow up on the benefits of real-time blockchain crafting.

Giveaway / Wax / Enjin
Wax promotion of Enjin. If you want a chance to win 10 x 1000 Enjin Coins, check out this tweet.
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Update / MvB - Multiverse Brotherhood / Enjin
MvB - Enjin’s first guild of blockchain gamers releases new video. Clues for their next game collaboration. Can you guess who?

Competition / Helios Report / Forgotten Artifacts
Vote for your favourite Dapp for exposure and possible funding. Forgotten Artifacts is shaping up to be a favourite. Support your favourite well deserving project.

Opinion / Microsoft / Enjin
There’s been talk of a Microsoft platform on EnjinX and NFT movement. Microsoft recently announced a tokenised effort for gaming in collab with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Microsoft Azure itself has also recently released info on its blockchain adoption platform - Enjin involvement? Fact or Fiction? Click and explore.
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News / Rhovit / eGamers
RHOVIT, a reward-based content platform has released the Rbit Shop - a new & easy way to explore blockchain games and get official merchandise and in-game items.

Update / Forgotten Artifacts
Upcoming changes for Quests and Town patch, collab announced with Simon from / Enjin, & shows some behind the scenes development.

First Look / InFocus Games / Enjin
Clash of the Aces, Multiplayer SCI FI FPS with 80 Battleroyale, backed by ENJIN!
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News / NFT / Enjin
Spotted on GnCtv retweet - ERC-20 Tokens have overtaken Eth in transactional value. NFT’s on the rise with ERC-721, is ERC-1155 next to gain traction?

Reveal / EnjinX / Enjin
Another EnjinX market update is to be released soon. New function revealed pre update.

Update / Boundless Studios / Shield Shock
Final Devlog for indie game Shield Shock (retro pixel platform game) before launch, he also shares videos on “Building A Game From Scratch”.
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News / eGamers / Uptrennd / Enjin
Weekly Blockchain Gaming Digest from eGamers on Uptrennd. All the latest Crypto Gaming News in one place, less time reading, and more time gaming.

Competition / Casual Gaming / Eirik the Viking group / Enjin
Next scheduled game: Thursday November 21st at 16:00 CET
Prizes:Playable blockchain gaming assets from Forgotten Artifacts, AlterVerse, Kingdom Karnage. Join so you don’t forget.

Interview / CGC Kyviv 2019 / eGamers
George Tsagkarakis – Founder of a platform dedicated to the blockchain gaming movement, chats with Crypto EmCee at CGC Kyiv 2019.
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News / / Enjin
Reewardio is the world's first Enjin powered blockchain video game reward system and its demo is available. The linked video shows how can be used to reward anyone, anywhere, for anything.

Multiverse Games List / eGamers / Enjin
A list of innovative blockchain games - developing a parallel world of connected gaming assets powered by Enjin. Cross game compatibility for your blockchain gaming assets is here!

Blog / Chris Skillicorn
The 5 Best Hardware Wallets in 2019. Secure your assets.
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Release / / eGamers
New website - - is now live and a great place to find out about heaps of blockchain games, news, tutorials and open wiki. Thanks to all those who have supported us:)

Competition winner / Forgotten Artifacts / Enjin
Forgotten Artifacts took out the first place for the inaugural Helios protocol review. Find out more here.

News / eGamers / Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained reveals the in-game marketplace and now all cards are fully tradable in the form of ERC721 Tokens.
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Update / Reewardio / Enjin
This video introduces Commerce: an Intuitive digital asset store. Currently out and in Beta.

Giveaway / Multiverse101 / Enjin
To celebrate launch - win 1 of 10 Multiverse 101 MFT’s backed with ENJ. It’s limited, and is playable now as a legendary Forgotten Artifacts gaming asset.

Update / EnjinX Marketplace / Enjin new update and new look - including dedicated marketplace page, sorting options, activity tab, and platform rankings.
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Update / Dissolution / Enjin
A new build for the tactical shooter - Dissolution. Check it out and playable now.

Closed Beta / CryptoFights / Enjin
1vs1 PVP turn-based fighting game - CryptoFights - announces closed beta due for December. All email subscribers will have access.

Update / Ether Legends / Enjin
Turn based card game - Ether Legends - shows base mechanics and sample gameplay.
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Black Friday / Giveaways / Sales / Gaming assets
Enigma Games (Strategy/Brawler)

Forgotten Artifacts (Dungeon Crawler)

AlterVerse (Sci-fi / VR)

Spirit Clash / Rhovit (Battle Cards)

Reewardio (Utility/Quest)

Update / Enjin
NFT grouping is coming to the Enjin Wallet
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Update / 9Lives Arena / Enjin
Cool new video from MvB showcasing 9Lives Arena
9LA War Cry Submission - Team 9LA want your recorded chants to echo throughout Atlantis.

Black Friday Sales / Gaming assets
eGamers list of Black Friday Deals
9Lives Arena
Forest Knight Black Weekend
Fox Den Studios - 25% off our Demi-God Mode packages
Enigma Games - 300 Deadly Knight Tokens to first 300 buyers.

Raffles / Giveaways
Arena Match / Space Misfits - Raffle ending December 4
Eirik the Viking Group - Reewardio prizes. Compete in a game and win. Monday December 2nd at 18:00 CET
SkyVault Raffle - Enjin backed prizes and SkyVault tokens
Ether Legends / GNCTV - Socialite Giveaway
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News / eGamers / Uptrennd
Blockchain Gaming Digest #20 - All the latest news and easy to digest.

Update / The Six Dragons / Enjin
New Gameplay footage released, and looking magical.

Collaborations / The Sandbox
Partnerships announced ahead of the upcoming Land release.

Reminder / Multiverse101 Giveaway
Our givelab giveaway is in its final week.
10 original Multiverse101 MFT’s up for grabs. Playable now.
Thanks for all the support shown so far!
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Gameplay Footage / Ether Legends
Intro vid to Ether Legends - interstingly, it has physical cards tethered via a QR to an associated digital card/token.

Collaboration / Microsoft / Enjin
Microsoft and Enjin collaborates in local pilot for Western European divisions to create a blockchain based recognition programme for Azure - The Azure Heroes Badgers. Briefcase 1 opened 😉
Heaps of buzz over this news and Enjin climbs to Number 1 altrank.

Giveaway / Blockchain Cuties
Blockchain Cuties has started an advent calendar for free gifts every day. Tis the season to be jolly!
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Interview / / CryptoStache
CryptoStache chats with Reewardio - a blockchain based system that gives anyone the ability to create a gamified "value back" rewards program.

Update / Age of Rust / Enjin
Behind the scenes footage of 3D motion capture for this Myst-like blockchain Sci-Fi.

Santa visits Forgotten Artifacts
Grasshopper farm rolls out their Christmas giveaway bot
Rhovit giveaway leading up to Christmas with Space Misfits and Spirit Clash.
GNCTV - 13 reasons to help UNICEF.
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WInners Announced / Multiverse101 - $600 giveaway
Thanks for all the support, especially the great vid from CZB 🙂 We couldn’t have launched without the help of many, you know who you are, but read here for more and winners list! The MV101 tokens have been sent. Easy as with Enjin Wallet!

News / eGamers / Uptrennd
Blockchain Gaming Digest #21 - Battle Racers, Chibi Fighter, Enjin & more.

CryptoZone - Weekly gaming asset giveaways - Arena Match, Ether Legends, AlterVerse & more.
GNCTV - Now 14 reasons to help UNICEF. The Six Dragons added today 🙂
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Special Fight Night / Dissolution / Enjin
Battle it on Dissolution battlefy for some esports action, and the chance to win a rare Gold Tier prize pack.

News / Enjin
Binance US lists Enjin for ENJ/USD exchange. Another gateway to blockchain gaming opens.
To celebrate, Binance has released a Christmas themed Enjin backed NFT - Ho Ho Hold!
More from the north pole, Microsoft/Enjin pilot program delivers gifts to Microsoft Norway.

Review / Forgotten Artifacts / DAPPNATION
Comprehensive review of the world’s first ARPG Blockchain game.
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Guide / Boxmining / Enjin
Guide to Enjin - What's so good about Blockchain Gaming?
ENJ now available through Binance USA

Update / Infocus Games / Enjin
Pathfinders game guide is now available.

Giveaway / RHOVIT
Daily Active Giveaways including $Rbit and NFTs.

Reminder / Special Fight Night / Dissolution
1st Anniversary Dissolution esport tournament with NFT prizes.
31 players already registered. Saturday, December 14th 2019
12:00 PM PST