Why and welcome to your Knowledge Base

We have opened up this space for fans like us, who enjoy researching and posting interesting information on the block chain games they like. There are a heap of games out there and many many more to come. We will be constantly updating the Home Base. But this is a community based project and we can surely use your help to find out about all the new block-chain games happening across the globe, across the multiverse… If you see we haven’t included information on your favourite blockchain game on the main site, feel free to add here. Or even if you just have a really cool thing to share or an opinion on something blockchain gaming, again feel free to share your thoughts. This is your Knowledge Base.

If you have any questions though or feedback, please connect with us via our telegram channel – Multiverse Movement. It’s a place for small talk and big ideas 😉

Thanks for reading and checking it out. Looking forward to seeing your first post…from the out posts on the frontier of multiverse blockchain gaming!

MV101 crew

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