Over the past couple of months, the team has been hard at work to prepare War of Crypta for release!

Many of you reading this may be asking yourselves “When beta?”

Unfortunately, this post will not set a pinpoint date for Beta, but this post will update you all on the progress and where things currently stand.


Since February, our internal testing team has been hard at work with game balance and bug testing. Lots of things have changed this year on the battling side of things, which hugely benefit the gameplay.

Also, this week we began to show a build to the Top 10 group who have Android. With each person we showed, our CEO, Daniel Matias, got in a call and played with each of them and showed them what’s been changed and what’s going coming. Let’s go over some of those things that were discussed.


Moves are a very crucial part to War of Crypta and influence the battle gameplay drastically. At the start, the plan was to have moves that simply just deal damage to your opponent and that’s it. However, once we began testing we quickly felt it was too bland and could get boring quickly.

The team made a big decision in making moves that are a lot more complex than just your standard damage move. We went ahead and created over unique 150+ moves (without counting different rarities per move). This was a huge task for our developers and was known to delay the beta upon decision, but we strongly feel this change is something that will make a drastic improvement to the game.

Let’s go over some of those moves with effects that lead to combination plays. Please keep in mind that these stats are not final stats. Here are the moves we have laid out for this scenario:

Duplicate: 4 stamina cost, 80% accuracy, 0 power, effect is it replays the last move you used.

Deaths Embrace: 6 stamina cost, 100% accuracy, 130 power, no effect

Power Reversal: 3 stamina cost, 100% accuracy, 0 power, effect is it reverses the opponent’s attack and defense stats for 10 seconds.

Now to finish off the pieces for this scenario, let’s have your opponent be Devol.

Now when battling, let’s go over a combination play that you could use against Devol.

  1. You saved up your stamina to full (10/10 stamina points)
  2. You use Power Reversal. The reason for this is because Devol is a defense orientated hero so switching his Attack stat to be his Defense stat for 10 seconds makes him a bit more vulnerable.
  3. Now you have 7/10 stamina and you use Deaths Embrace to deal lots of damage. Since Devol’s attack and defense stat switch due to Power Reversal, Deaths Embrace will do more damage than usual. This will leave you with 1 stamina point left.
  4. Now you wait for your stamina to regenerate to 4 stamina points. You may get hit once or twice during this time. Once you have 4 stamina points, you use Duplicate. With Duplicate’s effect it will replay Deaths Embrace. The benefit of this is you are able to do back to back heavy damage and this second time around it only costed you 4 stamina instead of 6 stamina. Saved you 2 stamina points that could give you a slight advantage later on in the battle. Every stamina point matters.

This is just a small example as to how players can load out their hero’s moves to try and execute effective combinations. Here is how you can swap out your hero’s moves with others when configuring:

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Pace of gameplay is also another very important attribute that we look at when examining our battle gameplay. Since the very beginning, we knew we wanted our battle to be real-time pvp. We went through great lengths to build out our backend to support real-time with tens of thousands of concurrent users and low latency.

However, with real-time there are a lot of complications that come into play in terms of getting the right pace of gameplay. During our testing we found that the pace of gameplay was too fast and felt “spammy”.

We then went to the drawing board and tried out different ideas. Here is what we ultimately enhanced to solve the issue.


We setup a cooldown field for each move. The cooldown just prevents the specific move in cooldown not to be used until cooldown is done. The cooldown will only start once your move is fully executed on use. The cooldowns will vary depending on the move and how powerful it is. Leading back to our Battle scenario discussed above, a move like Death Embrace could have a 4 second cooldown and increases the benefit of having a move like Duplicate.

The cooldown implementation made an immediate positive impact as it prevented players from spamming the same move over and over immediately.

One Move

Another issue that came into play was you could press 1 move and then right after you would press another move back to back immediately. This caused a lot of spam, animations looking wonky, and very hard to follow the flow of the battle.

Our solution is that when you press a move, you can not use any other move till your move is fully executed (animation done). However, your opponent can still attack you in the middle of you attacking so it is not turn-based by any means. We felt this put the gameplay at a good pace that is easy to follow and not feel like it’s very “spammy”.

GIF on how the new mechanics discussed above works. UI is not fully polished yet.

So where are we at now?

On battle side of things, there is still some work to be done. There are certain move effects still in development and game balance needed. After that, we switch focus to polishing up the UI and animations for characters and moves. There is no estimated timeframe we feel comfortable putting out there publicly at the moment, but progress is going very well!

Now of course, War of Crypta game is more than just battle. There is a whole other side to the game where you view and customize your hero collections, open crystals, buy things in the shop and many other things that come along with a mobile game! In this area, the iOS app is 97% developed and the Android is 80% developed.

We will begin to show and discuss with Top 10 members these next early builds and plan to get other members in the community who have been actively following the project involved as well. Once we get a stable, polished build we then plan to go into public beta. We know that is what a lot of you are patiently waiting for!

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Once beta is over, it is time to release and shine! 🎉 Once we release, things will begin to pick up pace due to the gaming influencers we have behind the project for launch. As previously announced, we have 2 very big YouTubers who will be joining us in promoting War of Crypta! I can’t announce the very names of these 2, but accumulatively they have over 16,000,000 subscribers and 4.6 billion total views on YouTube. We wanted to make sure we signed the right people to promote the game and we are very confident that these 2 YouTubers are excited about the project and going to do the best of their ability to make it successful.

However, the marketing strategy doesn’t stop there! We have also been in talks with Google and Apple to get featured on the app stores for launch as well. Thanks to the help of one of the YouTubers, they were able to get us in contact with people who can make a feature happen. So yes, very exciting things happening and a lot of work happening behind the scenes to make this all happen. There will be more to come!

We hope this post updates you all on where we are currently at and showcases how hard we have been working behind the scenes! We are sorry that things have been delayed and understand the frustration that can come with that. Rest assured, we want the game to release as soon as possible also, but, we want to make sure we get the game right for beta so that there is a strong foundation to build upon and grow. The wait will be well worth it from our view and we hope many of you can agree and understand!

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