We have been busy here at CryptoFights. We are testing battles on the sidechain which is really amazing! Feels like we have launched someone to the moon and just getting everything polished to show the world what is possible with #cryptogaming.

Bows & Arrows are so satisfying…

Since the last update we have:

  1. Connected our game client to the sidechain and initiated our first fights.
  2. New CryptoFights UI has been done and being integrated (I can’t wait to show you this as its amaaaazing!)
  3. Improved the combat sequence and animations for a full battle. There is much more polish we want to add but we need to crawl before we can run here.
  4. Created thousands of items including 3d models for our genesis zero weapon set.
Attack Loop

We are working on some amazing things here at CryptoFights and going to be releasing some more news very soon. Please stay tuned.

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