A gaming multiverse that this site refers to is the gaming ecosystem created by blockchain game developers where one gaming asset owned by a gamer can be used to play in multiple games that collaborate. It’s a truly owned cross game compatible gaming item. For example: In one game your gaming asset is a sword, in another it’s a light sabre, and another it’s a walking stick, and so on. This concept is what excites Multiverse101 the most 🙂

The Enjin Coin Multiverse

The idea of a “multiverse” does not originate from Enjin. However, Enjin are the first to build an ecosystem of games that share certain items — a gaming multiverse — and make it decentralized. That’s what we refer to when we talk about “the Multiverse.”

See one of these items in action!

On this page you’ll find all items that are currently part of the Multiverse.

These items will have different appearances and attributes depending on what game you’re playing. Here, for instance, you can see the standard Epochrome Sword to the left (top on phone) and the Alterverse version to the right (bottom on phone):

They are both the exact same item with the same ID, but it will show like the image to the left in your Enjin wallet and like the image to the right inside AlterVerse.

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A blockchain gaming multiverse is a collective gaming reality created by integrating a collection of blockchain assets with multiple games. In other words, a gaming multiverse is a collaborative gaming project where multiple game developers agree to use the same shared, decentralized database for some (or even all) of their in-game assets.

This enables gamers to utilize a specific blockchain asset in every game that is a part of a gaming multiverse (e.g., if a player owns a sword in Game A, they will also own it and can use it in Game B).

Unlike gaming multiverses presented in fiction (e.g., the OASIS in Ready Player One), which are centralized (meaning that all games and assets within the multiverse are controlled by a single entity), a blockchain gaming multiverse is decentralized. Ingame assets in a blockchain gaming multiverse are owned by gamers, while individual game developers control only the games they create.

Blockchain technology is the only way to create a “real” gaming multiverse, as a centralized multiverse would, in practice, be a single game made and controlled by a single entity.

Multiverse items

note: not all items are usable in all games.

The Monolith exists in a time before time, in a space before there were anything. It’s no more real than sadness or love. And yet, it binds the worlds together.

The Horn

The Bull and the Bear, trapped in a bloody endless struggle. Every time they fight, the very fabric of the many worlds shakes and trembles.

It is said that in the aftermath of their first battle, the Bull lost his horn which became trapped in a world of its own. The path to that realm is walked by countless Tradesmiths, members of a diverse faction of Wanderers. They are fierce individuals – skilled craftsmen, reputable traders and adventurous anarchists who forever tinker and invent new devices that would help them remove the shrouds that hide ancient artefacts – the Horn being the ultimate, sacred, relic.

Many of them wield a Forgehammer, a mighty tool that helps them in their unforgiving, perilous journey.

The legend says that the Tradesmith that obtains the Horn will sound it, summoning countless of his brethren in a final battle to conquer a distant moon of a forgotten planet.

Mark of the Bull

Before the Multiverse began, thousands of otherworldly beings casted primordial, unrefined magic to help the Bull in his first battle against the Bear. They carved out pieces of their very souls to power their primeval spells, and received a powerful runestone in return. The mighty, enigmatic runestone marks their role as demiurges that caused the creation of countless realms.


Sometimes known as “Starborn Icicles,” Archspires are created in the aftermath of anomalous supernova explosions. Each time a sapphire star made of burning ice and materialized thoughts implodes, it scatters the Archspires throughout the five dimensions of space and time.

These strange artifacts can be found through many universes, taking countless shapes and forms.

What they have in common is the relentless, arcane fury contained within them — pure electro-magical energy in the form of ENJ.

Soulshift Armor

It is said that the secret of Soulshift steel production was discovered by a mythical blacksmith whose name is lost to the pages of history.

All that is left is his eternal legacy — an alloy of fomorphic iron infused with fudrang wood embers, now commonly used to forge one of the best armor pieces used by warriors across the multiverse.

Adorned with azure gems and born in the aftermath of unimaginably hot, magical fires, Soulshift Armor is a peculiar, mighty relic valued for its incredible sturdiness.


Stormwall shields… Not many are left, these days—most were destroyed in a series of devastating civil wars that plagued and ultimately fractured the Sovereignty of Hyperion-Helix, the first multiverse-spanning empire that dominated hundreds of worlds, spanning dozens of realms.

Initially used by the Sentries, an elite military force sworn to protect the Empire to their last breath, Stormwall shields are now scattered through the multiverse — many are hidden under torched, ancient ruins of broken worlds, some are sold at incredible prices at heavily guarded antique shops, and only a handful are in possession of those rich — or brave enough to acquire them.


At the dawn of the multiverse, fifty hundred Titans used their bare hands to create Forgehammers from the swirling, chaotic oblivion left after the first battle between the Bull and the Bear.

Forgehammers were scattered throughout five dimensions of space and time and are highly prized for their legendary magical properties.


Arcane Plasma Gun – Model 55, widely known as Nethermiser, is a ranged electro-magical weapon that fires extremely energized particles.

This remarkably efficient handgun is manufactured by the Abysspell Industries Inc., and was designed for one purpose and one purpose only — making sure that any threat is dealt with swiftly and without mercy.

Epochrome Sword

Epochrome Swords can only be forged on dragonworlds—immense discs dotted with oceans and continents, carried on the backs of planet-sized dragons.

Adorned with a single soul-sapphire and engraved with magical runes, each Epochrome Sword is a beautiful, elegant instrument of death.

These incredibly effective, chrome-plated weapons can’t be touched by the relentless hand of time—they will remain sharp and unaffected by corrosion, even thousands of years after they were forged.


Made of Fudrang wood and adorned with an amethystine gem infused with a soul of a dragon, Shadowsong can be a terrifying weapon in the hands of a skilled spellcaster.

It is said that the Archmage-General Elerius used a Shadowsong to cause a double eclipse that blinded the enemy army, while granting nightvision to the legions of this legendary conqueror. Slaughter ensued and blood painted the valley as the light of the binary stars became blocked by twin moons. Victory was won with magic.

Shadowsong can be a formidable tool even in the hands of inexperienced sorcerers, enabling them to cause both benevolent wonder and wonderful, savage horror


Arngrim Spankblaze the Third, Earl of Neo-Kattegat, the Hungoverlord, Stealer of Titanwine,” commonly known as “Mike,” is likely the least fortunate individual in the entire multiverse.

An avid drinker—but also a brave warrior, Mike dared to steal the only bottle of Fomorphic Nectar ever made. Problem is, the owner of the wine bottle turned out to be an especially vengeful goddess—R’aenea the Huntress, a deity with powers that stretch across not only her realm, but all the domains of the multiverse.

Her wrath was only made stronger due to the fact that Mike used his legendary charm on her in order to obtain the mythical beverage, said to be the most potent and tasty drink made across all dimensions of space and time.

As the mighty hero ran down the stairs of the celestial palace, still putting his pants on, the goddess casted an unimaginable curse on his poor soul— his essence was duplicated into infinity, scattered across an everlasting sea of diverse realms, and sentenced to live potentially infinite lives while taking a myriad of different forms.

Sometimes a talking, sarcastic sword, occasionally a mighty, cranky dragon, at times a bizarre cybernetic golem, every so often an entire planet—but usually just a simple, grumpy rock—Mike has as many names and can take almost as many shapes and forms as there are universes. Sometimes, as new domains come into existence, his soul is shredded again, doomed to whatever unfortunate destiny awaits it in the new, swirling cosmos.

Mike is perhaps one of the most peculiar and sought-after possessions among Wanderers, due to his outlandish sense of humor, almost ubiquitous usefulness in tricky situations, and the fact that he usually changes his form when carried to another universe.


Oindrasdain is a fearsome and powerful weapon.

According to the Saga of the Seven Worlds, the battleaxe design was invented by the members of the Order of Sylas, a legendary faction of mages that toppled a god-tyrant, lifted the barriers keeping them trapped inside their own realm, and continued to mercilessly spread their rule across the multiverse — as well as their mystical knowledge.

The secrets of the Order found their way to countless sorcerers across a myriad of realms, who used their newly-obtained craft of mythspell weaving to infuse weapons with powerful electro-magical properties — the cleaver becoming one of the most replicated designs.

Aeonclipse Key

Forged by unknown, mystical entities at the very beginning of the multiverse, countless Aeonclipse keys were taken by a group of Architects and dispersed through their creations — entire universes.

The keys are said to unlock Primythical Chests, legendary vaults hiding immense treasures

Primythical Chest

As written in the fourth edition of “Book of the Ruindawn,” Primythical Chests contain fabled treasures, and are hidden through a myriad of universes by the Creators of Realms themselves — the Architects.

The wood-and-iron vaults are shrouded by the veils of time and space — and can only be found by the most courageous and intelligent Wanderers.