My name is Tenchu. My roles on the project are fairly broad. I work within many disciplines in both design and art, but the core of what I have been doing this week is 2D UI Design and Art.


In the last week I have been reworking the visuals of some of our panels to match the current art style in the game as much as possible using the range of modular assets that we have.


This screen is an example mockup of our Fang delivery panel. Players will see this screen when they unlock new powers.


A user interface on mobile shouldn’t be more complicated than what it is trying to deliver and the only function of this screen is to show the player the new F.A.N.G. Power Up cards they will have access to when leveling up their Katma Temple building.


I put a good bit of effort into reworking what we expect the player to see when they level up their Expertise against enemies. The system itself is fairly complicated so the attempt here was to simplify what the player sees as much as possible.

There can be a lot of clarity and enjoyment found in the animations that make the panels run, and when we deliver on those they should be pretty enjoyable or at the very least tolerable to interact with.


Other parts of my work include the creation of iconography, which will help the player recognize their Power-Ups at a glance. This can be an incredibly difficult task when working with smaller texture budgets.


I also invested a good amount of time into playtesting and quality assurance. Properly reproducing and documenting bugs can consume a lot of time, but is necessary to make sure our deliveries are as clean as possible.


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