We are excited to disclose more information about a feature that has been in the making for a while: the ESTATE bundling! In the future: you will be able to form ESTATES from any adjacent LANDS you possess. The good news is that it can be of any shape!

To form ESTATES with LANDS there will be only 2 requirements:
• An ESTATE should be composed by at least 2 parcels of LAND
• LANDS have to be adjacent

While we wait for this new feature to be implemented we are glad to present the first LAND Shaping Contest!

How can I enter?

To participate in the contest you need to be a LAND owner (minimum of 1 LAND parcel).

1/ You have to form a team of four with your neighbours and build the required DISTRICT shape with your owned LANDs that is shown in the picture below:

Four squares forming the desired shape

2/ After you achieved that, you need to give your DISTRICT shape an appealing and creative name.

3/ Once you are done, send an email to aminata@pixowl.com containing:

  1. A screenshot of the map where you marked the location of the shape
  2. The name of your district shape
  3. The coordinates of the LANDs that you used to form the shape
  4. Discord name, Sandbox Account name and wallet address of each of your team members

Note that the four Sandbox LANDS don’t need to be in one wallet to be eligible for the contest. You only need to find your neighbours and submit your entry in one email as a team.

To be eligible to win, your team submission must not violate the following restrictions:

  1. Only one Parcel of an ESTATE can be used to participate in the contest
  2. Only LANDS that haven’t been transferred during the contest are eligible to win
  3. One person can only add one parcel for the team submission

How can I find team members?

We have created a special section on our discord channel “shaping-contest” for you to contact your future team members! Join it now

How long will the contest last?

The contest will run for one week. Starting from Tuesday May 19, 1PM GMT to Tuesday May 26, 12.59 GMT

How will the winner be selected?

After the contest is over, the Sandbox team will vote on the three most creative district names internally. Once the top entry’s have been narrowed down, they will then be put up for a community voting in the discord for 24 hours where the community can vote for the best entry. Each team member of the winning team will receive one LAND in the Sandbox Metaverse!

Join us now

Pre-register for the upcoming LAND Presale and join our community:

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