The first round of the LAND presale sold out in only four hours! Keep an eye out, and stay tuned for our upcoming rounds. Meanwhile, you can visit our Marketplace to purchase one of the five limited edition assets that are still available until December 20, or until stock is depleted.


We are very proud to announce that The Sandbox LAND Presale Round 1 is officially SOLD OUT.

Our LAND presale went live at 1PM GMT, and in just a couple of hours, we ran out of LANDS. Thousands of our metaverse parcels were sold to early supporters that were eager to get their hands on pieces of The Sandbox.

The 3.096 available presale LANDS (including those from our partners) were bought by users in about 4 hours, with 2.123 LAND parcels sold within the first hour alone! Hundreds of users participated in our LAND presale and are now owners of a piece of the Sandbox metaverse.

We’ll be releasing more information about the results, feedback, requests etc. but in the meantime, you can find more details on Etherscan.

Users that bought a LAND will be able to find their parcels on their marketplace profile, their wallet (Bitski or Metamask), on Etherscan and OpenSea.

ASSET Presale

We selected some of the best 3D voxel assets (NFTs) produced by five of the best artists behind the Creator Fund for purchase during this initial presale round.

You still have time to get one of the five amazing assets available until December 20th, but bear in mind each one has limited copies, so hurry up and get yours!

Get your exclusive asset.

LAND Presale — Our Thoughts

The 3.096 LANDS available during our first LAND presale were sold in just a couple of hours… We are very grateful for your patience and for remaining comprehensive throughout all the challenges. We apologize once again for any inconvenience that you may have encountered, as we had no idea sales were going to be so fast and furious.

This is only the 1st round of presales that we are releasing, and just the beginning of a long story. We’ve learned a lot from this first live sale, and it will only get better from now on. We promise to take all of your valuable feedback into account.

Again, for those of you who did not have a chance to purchase a LAND, do not worry…there will be more opportunities to purchase LAND soon.

So keep an eye out, and stay tuned for our upcoming rounds in Q1 2020!

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