A mysterious portal has opened in Chronville, revealing new levels, game field elements, and a live event.

Times right now are strange.

In the current global situation, physical health is of utmost importance, but we believe it’s equally important to prioritize mental wellness—and that gaming can provide an excellent outlet for doing so.

At Forest Knight, we hope our game can help make a little difference and serve our community during these stressful, uncertain times.

Here’s what we’ve been working on the last months, and what you have to look forward to in Chronville.

The Town Portal Is Open

The mysterious portal in town has opened, allowing evil monsters to steal valuable festive equipment from our knights. Now, it’s time for us to reclaim what’s ours.

The portal has also revealed 10 brand new levels in three difficulty ranges, with completely overhauled game field elements.

Obstacle System

The field is no longer empty! Now, there will be a variety of obstacles for you to interact with.

From gaining more mana to hiding behind it, new strategies will be born.

But be warned: not all obstacles are friendly. 😉

New Obstacles on your way

Fog of War

Fog of War adds an insane amount of strategic element to the game.

You can hide in the fog to avoid enemy direct attacks—as long as your enemy does not have any units in the fog of war.

But remember: this option also applies to your enemies, so be careful and plan accordingly.

Fog of War

Easter Egg Hunt

We are proud to launch Forest Knight’s first live event: an Easter egg hunt!

Valuable Easter eggs are spread across the Portal for players to collect and trade in for rewards.

Premium Event Token
Regular Event Token

You can purchase an Event Pass, easily in the game and enter the portal to hunt for premium event tokens! You will then be able to trade in those tokens for valuable Blockchain rewards in the shop.

Speaking of valuable rewards, for a head start, you can visit shop.forestknight.io and get exclusive Easter chests! Each chest contains a new Easter-themed item which will be delivered directly to your wallet!

Get your Chest NOW!

Ultimate Tipp: You can also get directly to the website from the Event Shop tab and won’t need to enter your ETH address at all—we will send it to your linked wallet automatically.

Easter Shop

We know you wish for more variety in levels, and we want to deliver.

Based on your feedback from this event, we will redo the entire map with exciting level designs and elements!

Event End: 30th of April 2020

Armory Panel & Merge Mechanic

The Armory panel will act as your item inventory hub.

Here, you will be able to observe your inventory and manage your items. You can even melt down your unused items for magic runes.

The Merge panel allows you to merge weapons of the same type and rarity to increase the focused item’s prestige. This feature is fully functional for off-chain items and will be soon available for blockchain-based items as well.

Merge Panel

The merging mechanic opens up many possibilities for players to improve their gear how they see fit. We will keep you updated on Blockchain Merge mechanic as we continue working on it.

This is going to be a game-changer.

As always, we want to thank you for supporting Forest Knight.

With your help, we will new standards for blockchain gaming and bring this important movement closer to mass adoption—our ultimate goal.

If you haven’t already, join our community and follow along with our progress!

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