All Knights assemble. The time for Forest Knight Early Access has come!

Calling all Knights to assemble!

We have a lot to talk about what’s been happening behind the scenes on Forest Knight and the plans we have in store, so let’s jump right in.

We are super thrilled to announce that Forest Knight has officially hit Early Access and is now available to download for Android for FREE.

It is an honor to be one of the first mobile games powered by the Ethereum blockchain and the first live mobile game powered by Enjin.

Forest Knight Early Access

So, what does Early Access mean for Forest Knight?

It’s a chance for us to make the game better, together.

Forest Knight is still in the early stages, and we have many great plans for the future. With your invaluable feedback, we will continue to improve the game experience for all Forest Knight players.

We plan to regularly add new updates and features to the game. Our first areas of focus will be to balance the game with your help and invest more development in the PvP experience, with ranked battles and tournaments with juicy items to win.

The great thing about the Forest Knight Early Access is that all the blockchain assets you acquire through playing will stay in your wallet even after possible game resets—which is exactly how Early Access should be.

We firmly believe the community members who invest their precious time to play and help us improve our game should be rewarded.


GG EZ Blockchain

Forest Knight Early Access is, of course, coming with Enjin-powered blockchain integration, and it’s super easy to link your Enjin Wallet to the game.

Just follow these simple steps to activate the power of blockchain:

  1. Download the Enjin Wallet
  2. Copy the linking code
  3. Paste code in wallet
  4. Profit. You’re in—time to earn ENJ-backed loot!

Linking your wallet will enable you to use and test your strength with your favorite items from the Forest Knight Winter Sale and giveaways.

Additionally, you will be eligible to find powerful items hidden in the game with a little bit of luck by beating defeating enemies and progressing through the maps.

The world of Forest Knight is already filled with over 57,000 great blockchain items with more to come, so get your wallet ready and fight some skeletons!

Some items available in Forest Knight

Game First, Blockchain Second

Forest Knight is by no mean a “blockchain loot hunt.”

Our philosophy was and always will be to first build a fun game.

We want to take the real advantages blockchain offers for gaming, not just for the sake of using blockchain in the name.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to know anything about blockchain to play Forest Knight—just jump in and play for free without even linking a wallet!

Early Access Event

To celebrate Early Access, we have a fun little challenge for you guys.

All Players who gain enough XP and reach Level 10—and have linked their Enjin Wallet to their Player Account—will receive a limited Edition ENJ-backed Emperor’s Axe!

Many of you may already be familiar with this Axe, and now it can finally find its way into your hands!

The Emperor’s Axe

Thank You

This is a huge milestone for us, and we are truly thankful for all of your unwavering support up to this point.

We hope you will continue to accompany us on this exciting journey.

The future is bright for all Knights and blockchain gamers.

See you in Chronville.

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