Ever heard the saying: “there is treasure at the end of the rainbow”?! Turns out this legend is much older than you would imagine. It harks back to a time before memory…

Today is the day we are starting to unleash the legendary Skulls of Atlantis as a gift to our community and a means for the underdogs and our early supporters to get their hands on unimaginable treasure!

The secrets around the Skulls are nothing short of breathtaking! As a matter of fact, the system is not only a secret- for now, until the community figures it out — but it is also dynamic!

Dynamic means that depending on how players gather Skulls, the rewards will completely vary in rarity!

There are a number of different collections of skulls achievable and a full collection will grant an Epic item! However, any collection that gets turned in for a reward will take away some skulls needed for other types of collections… Which means that item rewards for individual collections will vary between a total supply of 1 item and 111!

Nobody can foresee which collection will end up with the rarest reward!!!! What we know is that each collection WILL grant you an item so rare that your ancestors from Atlantis will come back to live to join into your celebration of wealth!

May the treasure hunting begin…


current ruler of Atlantis

PS: We will release skulls to our current kickstarter and indiegogo backers.

We will also soon announce the opening of our own item store. Every purchase will from now on forward will get rewarded with (a) free Skull(s). Therefore, every future backer is in on the hunt!

Also through reaching certain milestones of community growth all backers at the time will receive more free Skulls.

And last but not least, we are teaming up with various websites to unleash more free skulls in the near future!

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happy hunting…

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