The biggest gameplay and economy update of the season is here! Welcome to the forge!

The forge is here to give you a whole new layer of Cutieland’s economy. Including several new commodities and a variety of ways to profit from your in-game items.

We made the forge with both veterans and new players in mind. This system is designed to give everyone an opportunity to turn their gaming efforts into profit.

The current recycling system gives free new players a way to play and build-up. — G Sh aka Jewel Veteran Cutieneer and Cutieland’s Top Seller

This update is meant to revitalize the sleepy items market economy for all the Cutieneers in the world.

Previously worthless items now will have a price based on how much dust they break down into. — Ashe Veteran Cutieneer and Top Tribute Owner

Recycling and enchanting within the forge add a new layer to the entire gameplay. You have more choices and more possible strategies to go about the game than ever before.

I play, I get a leather bracelet and then I can put it on to get a little better or I can break it down to sell or use. Choices make the game fun. — G Sh aka Jewel Cutieland’s Top Seller

The forge is in “My Cuties” section of your player’s menu.

There are three sections:


In the recycling section you can turn items you don’t need into magic dust.

The amount of dust you will get depends of the tier of an item you recycle. Find more information on dust production here.

Remember! The number of items you can recycle in one slot at a time will gradually decrease. Read more about it here.

You can use magic dust to enchant your favorite items or you can sell it on the items market.

Dust can be sold in batches up to 10 000 and has a minimum price for its sale on the market.


In the enchantment section you can improve the stats of your items by using magic dust and tool kits.

The amount of dust you need to use for an upgrade depends on the item’s tier. Read more about it here.

In addition to dust, to enchant items and improve their stats you need to use tool kits. There are three types of them:

  • Regular for +1 and +2 enchantments
  • Silver for +3 and +4 enchantments
  • Golden for +5 enchantment

Tool kits will be available in the new adventure, daily lottery and in the game’s Pawshop.

Find more about tools for enchanting here.


Enchanting has its risks and the process might go wrong. Which means, that the item will break. In this case you can repair your item in the repair section.

Read more about breaking and repairing items here.

New adventure

To get the tools for your enchantments send your Cuties to our brand new adventure!

Grumpy King’s Deep is a natural network of caves in the northern regions, nicknamed the local grouchy bear prince, who was once a skilled blacksmith playing with the arcane arts.

To go to this adventure Cutie needs to wear at least one item with an enchantment bonus.

Regular, non-enchanted items are prohibited in Grumpy King’s Deep.

One enchanted item is a minimum requirement to enter, the rest of the item slots can be empty or have other enchanted items.

There are all kinds of villains your Cuties can meet in this dark place. And each enemy has its own treasure stash.