The CryptoFights team is announcing that on September 19th, 2,000 limited edition pre-sale weapons will be available for the gaming multiverse and useable within CryptoFights. Pre-sale Weapons are currently listed at https://presale.cryptofights.io

The team at CryptoFights has been working very hard getting to this point. We started back in January with a goal to bring a real deep strategy video game to the #dapp market and its been a windy road, to be honest. In a previous article, I touched on how we switched from focusing on being a desktop game using metamask and staying totally on the Ethereum mainchain for all combat logic to now being mobile, using sidechains for the game logic, and having all game items using Enjin’s ERC1155 token standard. Not to mention the ability to purchase game items using in-app purchases in the full version to obtain those game items.

CryptoFights Development

We have now reached a point in our game where we have developed the very first set of weapons aptly named “Genesis Zero” to recognize these are the very first set of weapons for the game and multiverse. All of these items are never to be recreated again by us, have no trading restrictions, no trading fees and All of Our Pre-Sale Items Will be Multiverse Enabled. All items were handcrafted by 3d artists with unique traits to make them fully unique for the gaming multiverse and given special properties and rarity tiers to be used within our game. There is only a specific amount of weapons that will be sold, you can check the quantities by visiting our presale page.

Our presale is scheduled to start on September 19th at https://presale.cryptofights.io

CryptoFights Game Trailer

The gaming multiverse is an exciting time to be a gamer. Imagine being able to collect all your gaming items in your digital wallet to be used across a multitude of games. Buying a legendary item means its legendary in ALL games in the multiverse since they can not create more of them.

To learn more about our combat mechanics and how rounds work check out this video.

Stay tuned with more CryptoFights news in our Discord channel where we are running a contest to win Ethereum and a chance to design and name your own weapon.

CryptoFights Development


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