Mechanized Offensive Weapons and Defensive Armors

New AlterVerse Weapons and Armor

The AlterVerse Corporation is pleased to announce a new series of mechanized hand-to-hand combat weapons and personal armor designed to ensure the physical safety of Solone Colonists in the event of on-board attacks. Standard Issue versions of these technologies are being provided to all Disrupter Ships. Customized variations of the Standard Issue items are available in limited supply here.

This initiative is a direct response to the hostile boarding and take-over of The Magellan by members of an alien race. Using a formidable combination of laser blasters, curved blades and a variety of assault droids, our explorers were unprepared for this encounter. It is not known if this race of intelligent beings will become our enemy or ally, although they are currently a threat that must be defended against.


While it’s expected that photon laser technology will remain the primary defense tool for both craft and personnel, our lightweight Mylar armor has exposed a serious vulnerability to low-tech attacks. Augmented with Ion Blasts, High Frequency Vibration Blades, and Laser Batteries, these items will surely reduce the number of hostile attempts on our crews.

The Lazer Blade

A highly experimental pole-arm styled weapon for maximum shanking range. When the electro-magnetic blade tip strikes solid metal, the circuit is triggered and a miniature battery of short-ranged lasers fire, rapidly dismantling enemy armor and droid panels.

The Plasma Hammer

Smash through barricades, hostile droids and anything not bolted down. Upon impact, the pressure node in the center of the hammer activates a bone crushing Ionic Blast that charges from ambient ions passing through the ship.

The Windrazor

A two-handed whirlwind of technology, the Windrazor trades the electro-magnet for 2 short-ranged laser batteries with a static shock that is discharged with each strike. Perfect for swatting shields out of greedy pirate hands, those who are able to master the Windrazor will bring chaos to enemy ranks.

The Fission Axe

When the perfectly balanced Fission Axe is thrown, the blade heats up to over 900 degrees F. When it strikes a target, the blade vibrates violently at 17,000 RPM for half of a second. In lab testing, it sliced through a quarter inch of steel like a branding iron through an ice cube.

The Sabre

The tool of choice against assailants without Prismatic Armors, the Sabre is sharpened to samurai perfection and encrusted with diamond dust for reliable cutting power. Lightweight enough to leave one hand free for a shield.

The Plasma Blaster

Heavy hitting mid-ranged hand cannon for clearing hallways. Due to the danger Plasma Blasters pose to ship walls, these weapons must remain in hull-reinforced Training Rooms and cannot be stored in crew rooms.

The Shuriken

A ninja styled graphene-coated steel throwing disk with a compact C-4 explosive in the center, activating 2 seconds after impact. Perfect for sticking to pesky drones that are bio-hostile.


The entirely new class of personal “Prismatic Armors” are as effective at repelling physical attacks as reflecting modern lasers. The staple of this tool class is the Prismatic Shield, which is constructed of a quartz-crystal laser-diffusion surface backed by a titanium nano-tube matrix to deflect both piercing and bludgeoning melee attacks while remaining lightweight. When combined with the new custom fit Astral Armor and Celestial Helmets available in a wide range of pattern designs, Solone colonists will embody a new standard in personal safety.

The Prismatic Shield

Laser proof and smash resistant, the Prismatic Shield turns any crew member into a tough to argue with boss. Using proper geometry, lasers can be reflected back to their attacker in a form of “Astral Aikido”.

The Celestial Helmet

Providing essential cranial protection, the Celestial Helmet also enables short term space exposure, sealing under the chin with a limited oxygen generator to increase the chance of surviving spacecraft disasters.

The Astral Armor

LO2 (Lithium-Oxygen) battery powered, climate controlling Astral Armor provides a number of defensive responses including pressure plate repulsion, laser heat sink diffusers, and electrocution recharge to harvest energy from mindless shock-bots.

Please adhere to all safety guidelines as AlterVerse Corp. is not liable for injuries or death during training!


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