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AlterVerse Customizer Prototype

As one can imagine, The Alterverse Corporation maintains a vast portfolio of secret projects at all times. While most projects are aimed at increasing the colonist survival rate and scientific research, some are designed to simply enhance the quality of colonist life. One such tool in the final phase of testing is the AlterVerse Customizer!

The AV Customizer is a cylinder shaped chamber lined with prismatic lasers able to change the color of any object placed inside, organic or inorganic. When controlled with a desktop computer, complex patterns and even color gradients can be easily applied to personal items, clothing, armor – even entire people! From body tattoos to the custom paint job on your eyepatch, your first task in the AlterVerse is to define yourself from head to toe.

Customizable Uniform Designs

The first Enjin-backed AlterVerse items developed with transmutable color zones will be a series of highly detailed officer and crew uniforms. While your game tokens may appear just like everyone else’s in your wallet, when they enter the AlterVerse they will spring to life in the most unique ways!

8 new uniform templates have been completed, and each can be applied to 4 zones, with 16.7 million colors each and over 50 million combinations possible. With the ability to blend 2 colors into 1 gradient per zone, the combinations are essentially limitless.

An example of the Jupiter Uniform Design in various color combinations

The flexibility of this technology allows customized items, clothing, weapons – even entire Disrupter Ships can be customized.

The countdown has begun. The AlterVerse Pre-Alpha Launch has been scheduled for October 31st. Prepare for arrival!

Disrupter Ship in Purple and Black


The AlterVerse is VR compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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