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Bitcoin Hodler — Spring Bundle Sale #TheNextCycle
[ad_1] Bitcoin Hodler — Spring Bundle Sale #TheNextCycle Get unique Bundles of powerful, rare and rewarding Bitcoin Hodler game assets! Bitcoin Hodler is here to stay! We want to thank you all for your ongoing support and for hodling with us along the Bitcoin Hodler journey! After the splendid launch of the public beta
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March Development Update
[ad_1] March has been a busy month for the team with plenty of work going on behind the scenes. So this will be a short development update but it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot accomplished! Development Progress Saving and Inventory System We are now getting to the stage of
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Welcome to the “Drop Hunt”!
[ad_1] Welcome to the “Drop Hunt”! Play Bitcoin Hodler, catch the Golden Piggiebanks and claim Enj-backed game assets! The Bitcoin Hodler Drop Hunt — Official Launch We are pleased to invite our honored Hunter’s Badge hodlers to finally join the early access phase of the Drop Hunt as of now! Enj-backed ERC1155 game assets
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The Six Dragons: Real-time Blockchain Crafting & Enchanting is here!
[ad_1] Blockchain gaming never looked more exciting. Today we uncover some details on how our real-time blockchain crafting and enchanting mechanisms will work. Integrating decentralized gaming assets in The Six Dragons was not a decision based on the blockchain hype or a short-term monetization opportunity. It was a statement. We create
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Meltelbrot #44 – Lucky Bluff Poker – Tournament 23 November – Find out what’s the deal here :)
[ad_1] Today I’m chatting with Chris Lewis, founder of, an Enjin powered poker platform (the first I believe) that’s recently hit the scene. I have to acknowledge here that I love poker, even when losing ha, as part of the fun is the social side of it, so it’s
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November Development Update
[ad_1] Welcome to November! The spooky season is officially over and we are now on the countdown to Christmas. November has been another productive month… Wearable Minting and Prize Distribution All of the wearables have officially been minted and distributed to your wallets! This is a major milestone for Nestables
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Spooky Chronville: Forest Knight Halloween Sale
[ad_1] Spooky Chronville: Forest Knight Halloween Sale Fighting the undead hordes to protect Chronville is too stressful? In need of a party and fun? Don’t worry! Every year, the College of Tailors and the Royal Armoury are offering their best items in the chests of Halloween… the only chest you
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Spirit Clash Presale – Explained
[ad_1] As the Spirit Clash presale has officially taken off this week, we’d like to explain the logistics behind the rarities and what you can find in the packs! First and foremost, there are three available tiers of purchasable packs at 3 Card Rare Booster Pack 3 card rare booster pack drop
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Dissolution: Live on Enjin Mainnet
[ad_1] We want to end 2019 with a bang. Here is what to expect to come from Dissolution! I’m so damn happy to announce that we are officially LIVE on Mainnet! I still remember back in April of last year (2018) Adam and I were discussing of even the possibility
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Meltelbrot #43 – Min-Mins Enjin Legends set for PVP launch soon. Find out more from founder, Xavier Moore (Enigma Games)
[ad_1] Today I’m chatting with Xavier Moore, founder of Enigma Games, who are developing Shield of Shalwend and Min Mins, both powered by the Enjin Gaming Blockchain Solution. For this interview we focus on Min Mins – a turn based strategy game where armies of five compete for dominance in
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