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Pathfinders: Release of Open Beta
[ad_1] It’s time. We know a lot of you have been waiting months for this and we are very pleased to finally be able to announce the release of an open beta version of Pathfinders! With Enjin integration. With character progression. With playable NFTs. And yes, with plenty of top-down
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Dev Diary 9: The AAA Look
[ad_1] Hello everybody, First, I hope everyone is doing well in these unusual times that we are in. It’s once again time to update you on what’s going on behind the scenes with Age of Rust. To start with, I’ve added a couple of very talented developers to help pitch
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One Year of Forgotten Artifacts
[ad_1] It’s been one year since the first playable version of Forgotten Artifacts! One year ago, Forgotten Artifacts stormed onto the Enjin platform and unleashed the very first playable game to drop Enjin Blockchain items for all to collect! One year on and there’s now a town to explore, new game
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May Development Update
[ad_1] Welcome to May everyone. It has been another busy month for the development team with a lot of progress being made towards a playable version of the game. Development Progress Music and Sound Effects Design As promised, this month we would take a look at the music and sound effects that
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Introducing Ooogy from 9Lives Arena: The World’s First 24/7 Cross-Platform Companion
[ad_1] Meet Ooogy, your number one employee in competitive online RPG 9Lives Arena—and diligent companion in the My Ooogy mobile app. Ooogies have officially arrived! We are thrilled to share that the world’s first blockchain-based, cross-platform companion is now available on the 9Lives Arena Shop. The World’s First Cross-Platform Companion Meet Ooogy!
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Catch  Balloons and claim Satoshi’s Treasure!
[ad_1] Catch Balloons and claim Satoshi’s Treasure! After a major market shakeout, weak hands from all over the world have failed to hold on to their balloons! Thousands of squeaky life savers are now floating around, abandoned & waiting for new brave hodlers to come and get them… Take your fate
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The Portal Has Opened: Forest Knight Easter Event
[ad_1] A mysterious portal has opened in Chronville, revealing new levels, game field elements, and a live event. Times right now are strange. In the current global situation, physical health is of utmost importance, but we believe it’s equally important to prioritize mental wellness—and that gaming can provide an excellent outlet for
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AlterVerse Releases Extensive Game Server Customization Upgrade
[ad_1] Both the interiors and exteriors of AlterVerse Disrupter ships can now be uniquely colorized. Watch the video HERE. Disruption, the first game in a series from AlterVerse, Inc. is playable now for alpha testers and will soon be released in Early Access on Steam. It is a PC game set
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April Development Update
[ad_1] Well hasn’t the world just changed in a month! Luckily, working from home has meant a lot has been done and we are closer than ever to the upcoming alpha despite COVID-19, earthquakes and more. Easter Wearables Easter is here and while it might not feel much like a celebration
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Join the Elemental Egg Hunt
[ad_1] Locate Elemental Eggs on your adventures in Forgotten Artifacts and exchange them for limited-edition rabbit outfits! Us game developers love a good Easter egg, so in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we’re hosting our own hunt in Forgotten Artifacts! Join the Elemental Egg Hunt for your chance to claim
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