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Catch  Balloons and claim Satoshi’s Treasure!
[ad_1] Catch Balloons and claim Satoshi’s Treasure! After a major market shakeout, weak hands from all over the world have failed to hold on to their balloons! Thousands of squeaky life savers are now floating around, abandoned & waiting for new brave hodlers to come and get them… Take your fate
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The Portal Has Opened: Forest Knight Easter Event
[ad_1] A mysterious portal has opened in Chronville, revealing new levels, game field elements, and a live event. Times right now are strange. In the current global situation, physical health is of utmost importance, but we believe it’s equally important to prioritize mental wellness—and that gaming can provide an excellent outlet for
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Bitcoin Hodler — Spring Bundle Sale #TheNextCycle
[ad_1] Bitcoin Hodler — Spring Bundle Sale #TheNextCycle Get unique Bundles of powerful, rare and rewarding Bitcoin Hodler game assets! Bitcoin Hodler is here to stay! We want to thank you all for your ongoing support and for hodling with us along the Bitcoin Hodler journey! After the splendid launch of the public beta
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Welcome to the “Drop Hunt”!
[ad_1] Welcome to the “Drop Hunt”! Play Bitcoin Hodler, catch the Golden Piggiebanks and claim Enj-backed game assets! The Bitcoin Hodler Drop Hunt — Official Launch We are pleased to invite our honored Hunter’s Badge hodlers to finally join the early access phase of the Drop Hunt as of now! Enj-backed ERC1155 game assets
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Spooky Chronville: Forest Knight Halloween Sale
[ad_1] Spooky Chronville: Forest Knight Halloween Sale Fighting the undead hordes to protect Chronville is too stressful? In need of a party and fun? Don’t worry! Every year, the College of Tailors and the Royal Armoury are offering their best items in the chests of Halloween… the only chest you
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The Gates of Chronville Are Open: Forest Knight Early Access
[ad_1] All Knights assemble. The time for Forest Knight Early Access has come! Calling all Knights to assemble! We have a lot to talk about what’s been happening behind the scenes on Forest Knight and the plans we have in store, so let’s jump right in. We are super thrilled to announce
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Introducing the Forest Knight Multiverse Founder’s Token
[ad_1] A new token and program to give back to the early supporters and community members who have helped build the kingdoms of Chronville Originally, I had cooked up a plan to offer perpetual rewards, ongoing airdrops, and in-game status to my most dedicated supporters. Enjin loved this plan so
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Forest Knight Update [June]: The Arena, Mana System & Early Access Release
[ad_1] June is over and with it the second quarter of 2019. With that, the most asked question from the Community is: “When Early Access? In this Blog, I want to tackle this question and give our supporters a better insight into what lead to delayed Early Access and why
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Forest Knight Update [May]: Mentorship Program End, Lore, EnjinCraft, and More
[ad_1] Another Month is over and it’s time for a new Developer Update. I am very excited to talk about what we’ve done on the backstage and what changes happened to Forest Knight. Let’s directly jump into it and start with the end of the Mentorship Program! Mentorship Programm We
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Bitcoin Hodler — Discover New Planets, Tame the Beasts and Earn Blockchain Rewards [UPDATE Q2/2019]
[ad_1] Bitcoin Hodler — Discover New Planets, Tame the Beasts and Earn Blockchain Rewards [UPDATE Q2/2019] Many Thanks to our great community and early testers for numerous inspiring discussions, ideas, reports and the honest feedback since we opened the doors for Early Hodlers back in January. Based on your massive support, we were
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