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My Crypto Saga Battle Beta Test is Coming Soon – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] A new game from the MCH+ ecosystem called My Crypto Saga will host a battle beta test on June 10th (Wed) ~ 14th (Sun). Also, the Trial Cup PVP tournament will take place on the last day of the Battle Beta test (June 14th). My Crypto Saga (MCS) is
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Project update: Game Maker updates, VoxEdit Beta, and LAND MoonSale
[ad_1] The latest developments and updates of The Sandbox gaming platform. We continue to develop and implement important tools and key features in VoxEdit and our Game Maker to allow artists, creators, and players to create unique voxel assets and game experiences. This month’s key developments will enable a full
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Axie Infinity: Land Development Update!
[ad_1] Axie Infinity is a grand experiment for a new type of game — one that gives more ownership and voice to its players. Our community is an integral, driving force within Axie and this update will start the process of engaging you on a more meaningful level when it comes to the
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Announcing: The Sandbox MoonSale, a special LAND Presale.
[ad_1] The Sandbox Team is pleased to announce an exciting new event: a special lunar-themed LAND Sale event, starting on Thursday, June 4th (a day before the full moon) at 1PM GMT (09:00AM Eastern Standard Time). PRE-REGISTER NOW Introducing: The Sandbox MoonSale! TLDR: The MoonSale will be conducted in 5
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The Sandbox Shaping Contest
[ad_1] We are excited to disclose more information about a feature that has been in the making for a while: the ESTATE bundling! In the future: you will be able to form ESTATES from any adjacent LANDS you possess. The good news is that it can be of any shape! To
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VoxEdit Beta — Learning the basics
[ad_1] VoxEdit Beta — Learning the basics Learn all of the new features and tools of VoxEdit beta and start creating. Since its release as an alpha voxel editor, we recently released its beta version making it a whole new software that was improved thanks to hundreds of feedback of the talented voxel
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Axie Infinity X Defi: Play to Earn is Evolving!
[ad_1] With the evolution and maturation of blockchain games there’s been a lot of interest around the idea of “play to earn”. However, until recently, earning mechanisms in Blockchain games have relied too much on collectible models where scarce, limited assets increase in value as a community grows and demand increases.
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Introducing Immutable X
[ad_1] We’re building a non-custodial exchange in partnership with StarkWare capable of handling 200m+ NFT transactions per day. Since the beta launched in 2018, Gods Unchained has grown significantly in size and quality. With the launch of the game’s first official season just around the corner, we’re looking to continue
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Partnership announcement: The Sandbox ft. Paladin Studios
[ad_1] We are happy to announce our partnership with Paladin Studios, an independent game developer from the Netherlands. Paladin Studios is a game company that creates fun games on all major platforms, from mobile to console. In business since 15 years, Paladin is known for its innovative approach to existing,
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Partnership Announcement: The Sandbox ft. Gitcoin
[ad_1] We are excited to announce our partnership with Gitcoin, a platform for freelance developers, designers, coders, companies and employers to collaborate on open source projects! Gitcoin is a platform that pairs developers and companies to work on projects and bounties, allowing the former to monetize their skills on a
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