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9Lives Arena Review – Guide From Noob to Level 30 – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] One warrior’s journey – from noob to Level 30. This is the most comprehensive 9Lives Arena review and guide to level 30. 9Lives Arena is a beautiful, selfie-worthy atmospheric and engaging fantasy PvP combat. Harking back to Dark Souls, Mortal Kombat, and even World of Warcraft in its gameplay.
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Blockchain Gaming Digest 25 – 31 May – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Welcome to another Blockchain Gaming Digest.  The downtrend on Ethereum Games continues as reported by DappRadar, due to the high tx fees. Still, gaming on other platforms is on the rise with Splinterlands counting almost 7k weekly players followed right after by Crypto Dynasty on E.O.S. with 6.7k players
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Dark Country Adds Value to Cards With Spirits – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] The upcoming American gothic TCG Dark Country introduced a special feature called Spirits, which could boost the value of each in-game card by permanently writing on the blockchain the damage dealt and other interesting statics, including unique visual upgrades. Spirits promise to bring “memory” to your Dark Country cards
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MCP Players Have Earned Over $3,5M USD in 2 Years
[ad_1] What does it take to develop a game with an in-depth economy, without a single economic adjustment since day one? MegaCryptoPolis (MCP) was launched in May 2018, and since then, the gameplay has been upgraded with dozens of new additions and 3D. It’s proven to be one of the most
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Blockchain Gaming Digest 18 – 24 May – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Welcome to another blockchain gaming digest by League of Kingdoms Land sale is about to launch in a few hours, while Splinterlands announced that they are moving to Hive blockchain. Also, some updates and additions occurred to the Enjin’s multiverse program. Let’s take a look at this week’s
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League of Kingdoms Land Sale Goes Live on 25/5 – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] The League of Kingdoms land sale is going live in around 10 hours from now (25/5/2020 00:00 UTC) with discounted prices in crystals and Land plots. The upcoming MMO strategy game League of Kingdoms allows players to own the coordinates of land plots and build an undefeated empire. The owned land
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The Six Dragons Integrate on-Chain Verified Randomness With Chainlink’s VRF
[ad_1] The Six Dragons is a popular RPG in the Gaming Multiverse as one of the most promising games. The early gameplay shows a polished and carefully developed gaming experience with an open world bigger than Skyrim. Today the development team of TSD, BlockPegnio, announced the implementation of Chainlik’s VRF technology that ensures fairness
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Smart Gamers talk NFTs and Play to Earn – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Unless you woke up today from a coma, or you have nothing to do with gaming, you have probably seen the Play to earn phrase or Blockchain Games while scrolling down to your feed. The next-generation concept in gaming, which hands power back to the players. The gaming market
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Meltelbrot #50 – InFocus Games explores a gargantuan Blockchain EverVerse. – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Today I’m chatting with Maxwell, CEO of InFocus Games, who are developing Pathfinders – a blockchain, sci-fi top-down shooter game made with Enjin and Unity 3D. They are one of many indie game houses now partnered with Enjin via their Early Adopter and Spark programs to produce quality blockchain
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Splinterlands Moves to HIVE Blockchain in June 1st – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Splinterlands announced today the migration to Hive Blockchain after an unexpected Steem hard fork that is going to take place within the next 24 hours. The developers of the Number 1 game are disappointed with this evolvement as they didn’t receive any prior notice, and nobody knows how this
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