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The Enjin SDK for Java Is Live
[ad_1] “My favorite tool in Java is hot code swapping in debug mode, meaning I can edit the code while the game is running and immediately see the results in the running game. This is super great for rapid tweaking. ” ― Markus “Notch” Persson, Creator of Minecraft Named after
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Blockchain in a Block World: Introducing the EnjinCraft Plugin for Minecraft
[ad_1] Just over a decade ago, a Swedish indie developer helped the world re-evaluate exactly what a video game is—and what games could be—with an unconventional title featuring limited graphics or directed gameplay. It became an unprecedented success. Across all platforms, it’s reached nearly half a billion gamers and hosts
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Introducing the Enjin SDK for Godot
[ad_1] Once upon a time in 2017, Steam rid itself of Steam Greenlight, a system that enlisted community votes to determine which indie games deserved a space on Steam’s digital shelves. Eventually, this system showed its flaws by way of paid reviews, so Valve introduced Steam Direct, a submission process
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10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Indie Game Developers
[ad_1] Let’s be honest: you have better things to do with your time than worry about tackling the ugly, many-headed, sleepless beast that is social media. It is the bane of your existence. You hate it with every fiber of your being. So, why should you even bother with it?
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Enjin Wallet: The Experience Update
[ad_1] We launched the Enjin Wallet more than two years ago, back in early 2018. In its infancy, the app was Android-only, with basic features. At that time, our primary goal was to make the app as secure as technically possible on a mobile device—an effort that peaked when the
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Be Your Own Bank: The Complete Guide to Hardware Wallets
[ad_1] Table of Contents Introduction: Security Should be Foolproof Glossary: Blockchain Wallet Terminology What is a hardware wallet? Why do hardware wallets exist? History: From Paper to Hardware Tech: Not One-Size-Fits-All Choosing a Hardware Wallet The Pros & Cons of Hardware Wallets Conclusion: Better Very Safe Than Very Sorry Security
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Safety, in Numbers: The 5 Best Hardware Wallets in 2019
[ad_1] If there’s one phrase that’s heard as often in cryptocurrency as “Wen Moon?” or “Wen Lambo?” it’s the much more sensible “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins.” In other words, if you don’t control your private key, you’re only actually accessing your coins and tokens from another party, not
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