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The Need For Transparency…
[ad_1] Competitive gaming has a bright future with the advent of eSports. I remember when playing video games was looked at like a toy, but now it's starting to look like a profession. You have professional gamers that stream, compete, and train teams for big bucks. The amount of spectators
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CryptoFights Exchange Program
[ad_1] Do you find yourself holding more Common weapons in your armory than you could ever possibly use? Fear not! The CryptoFights Exchange Program has been designed with you in mind. In an effort to help everyone gear up for the upcoming battles, we have decided to implement a 2-tiered exchange
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CryptoFights Presale Information: The Quest for Clarity
[ad_1] CryptoFights Presale Information: The Quest for Clarity Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen an amazing show of support for our presale, and we couldn’t be more thankful. We’ve also been listening to questions and concerns from the community, and we want you to know you’ve been heard. In an effort
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CryptoFights Presale Top 10 Leaderboard
[ad_1] Hey folks! We’re proud to present our Top 10 Leaderboard by loot box purchases! We will keep this post updated with new stats every 12–24 hours, so keep checking back regularly as the stats change. To preserve anonymity, we will not be posting usernames, emails, or wallet addresses. We know
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eSports is now ready to be disrupted
[ad_1] One of the things that has been quite a struggle working on a video game in the blockchain industry is the constant shakeout and unstable platforms to build upon. Its not that we don’t appreciate the effort but it just makes building things much harder for startups. The good
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CryptoFights Presale Begins January 1st, 12pm EST!
[ad_1] UPDATE: PRESALE IS LIVE AT HTTPS://PRESALE.CRYPTOFIGHTS.IO You will need to register for an account on the presale portal first. The register link is at the top right of the portal. Get your crypto and fiat ready! The CryptoFights presale will be launching January 1st, 2019 at 12pm EST and will
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What we have been working on
[ad_1] We have been busy here at CryptoFights. We are testing battles on the sidechain which is really amazing! Feels like we have launched someone to the moon and just getting everything polished to show the world what is possible with #cryptogaming. Bows & Arrows are so satisfying… Since the
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Dice Rolls and Random Number Generation in CryptoFights
[ad_1] One hurdle to overcome when building games in the blockchain is how to achieve random number generation in a system where the all outcomes are deterministic. In order to achieve this in CryptoFights, we use a commit/reveal methodology which I present here. Presale is live! Before each battle, all participant’s client
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Pre-Sale Information
[ad_1] Since we are just a couple of days out from our pre-sale I wanted to detail all the information you will need to know about how it will work and how to purchase. CryptoFights Pre-Sale will go LIVE on September 19th at 12pm EDT. When the timer strikes zero
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Side chain consensus approaches
[ad_1] If you’ve tried to develop a DApp on Ethereum, then you know the struggles. Transactions are slow and can get expensive very quickly. This makes interactive gaming uneconomical for most all use-cases. Main-chain scaling is hopefully coming down the road, but those solutions are not here yet, and may
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