Spirit Clash – Welcome to Enjin Spark! The Evolution of Design

Hey everybody,

We love our community, so we are going to keep sharing some (we at least think so) fun and interesting posts with you guys about our upcoming game!

Keep reading, as there is a small teaser video later on 😉

Today, I’m here to show you our evolution of design. Below, you can see some images of what the DAY 1 Spirit Clash cards looked like (back in 2017). 😄

In the early days, each follower had THREE different spirit values, one for each core, rather than the one spirit value the game’s cards have today. In addition to that, the text was less icon heavy for the cards, and each card had what was equivalent to a “mana cost” rather than the “action cost” they all have in the current design.

This first version played well, but it felt like it was lacking a little bit. The convoluted system of 3 values has succeeded before, but we really wanted to streamline everything so that it was crisp, fun, and still strategic without the added elements.

So, the first change that was made took place in the spirit values of the cards. Rather than having an individual Mind, Body, and Soul value, the cards were streamlined into having an overall Spirit Value. 🌝

As this point, icons were getting a *small* amount of in-text use, Spirit Value was transformed, and the overall aesthetic of the card design was changed. Prior to initial printing, there was another change in the evolution of the card frame! All of this led us to what you see below. 😏

These images are from our first prototype printing for play testing! We are slightly over one year into development at this point, and demoing the game with some live audiences. Overall feedback is positive, but the resource system still feels a bit clunky and overdone (in our opinion). The majority of card games use a resource system, as it has been proven to work, but as more of these games come out, it grows a little stale. So, we did ANOTHER revision to our game play, and it improved even further 😎

The implementation of an action system allows us to have even more open design space for the game, and sets the functions apart even further from the currently existing card games in the digital and physical space. 🚀

Cue 2019 — We have come a long way with the development of the game, and come to the realization that our reach for players and fun 🎊 becomes much larger if we transition and develop the initial launch for digital play! However, we don’t want to set the game up like currently existing games either… So, this is where Enjin comes in. We are able to create these cards as truly owned assets for our players with the implementation of the ENJ platform, and it allows our players to feel better about their collections. They will be able to trade, sell, and buy the cards they want.

Enough of the backstory here, we will surely talk more about that later 😉 Our cards have evolved even further, and we are both happy and proud to share what they look like today.

Below, you can see what the cards will look like in-game. Not only has the frame evolved to a point where it has all necessary information, it still showcases our incredible artists (something we never want to take away). They also now show the card rarity in a way that doesn’t detract from any other part of the card. Where you will see any Spirit Value or SV modification is how you can tell the rarity of a card. You can see the full run-down of rarities on the official spiritclash site, so please feel free to browse! 😄 At this point in development, we have also implemented key-words and icons more heavily in the card text, as it streamlines reading once fully comprehended. All abilities can be seen in the “User Guide” tab on the official site!

Rarities from left to right — Legendary, Rare, Common

We also know minting the cards with their text in the image to showcase in the ENJIN wallet would heavily detract from the art, so we have a different version of each card frame that is specifically designed for in-wallet display. Below you can see our collection view for within the Enjin wallet.

These cards are “Private Sale Exclusive” variants. The lightning frame will only be obtainable via this sale.

As you can see, Spirit Clash has come an incredibly long way over the last two years of its development, and we couldn’t be more excited to keep sharing with all of you.

And for those of you that love a good card back, here is what our first official back is looking like!

As promised, here is our first little teaser video! Bear in mind there will be many aesthetic upgrades. This is so you guys can get a taste for what is in store with the future of Spirit Clash!


I hope this has been a fun read for all of you that chose to take a gander. Moving from physical to digital has been an incredible decision for the future of Spirit Clash, but we know many people still love physical cards as well… That’s all I will say about that for now 😏

You can find more information at spiritclash.com

– Voltriph


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