Hey SC Army, today I’ve got something fun to share with all of you. It had been bugging me for a little while, and I finally got the proper inspiration and time to make it happen. Today, we’re revealing the re-imagined design of the card frames.

The version you have all seen was what I consider to be version 3.0 of the design. For those of you that follow me here, I made a post a while back describing the evolution of design up until 3.0, which was where things stood at the time. However, we now have a design that is more welcoming to new players in addition to giving us more space for the ARTWORK that we’ve all come to love.


Many of these images have been shared in the past, but I feel it is necessary to see the full depth of shifts within the visuals of Spirit Clash.

Below, you can see some of the original frames during early prototyping stages (when we were using “mana” instead of actions). I would call these version 1.0 and while they’re not horrible, they were definitely nowhere near a final product.

Next we moved on to version 2.0 in the design space. It felt a little more refined, but it mostly showcases a few of the design changes rather than being completely different (if you’re paying attention here, the follower symbol used to be a banner instead of a dragon’s head!).

The next two photos show the cards in their original printed form, and using the frame design that I would consider version 2.5 during this process. These designs were similar to version 2.0, so I never considered it a complete overhaul, but it did immensely improve the visuals.

NOW, we’ve finally hit version 3.0, which is the version the public is currently familiar with. This was an overall improvement from previous versions, but over time still left some work to be desired (for me at least 😎).

Drum Roll Please

We’ve now streamlined the appearance of the cards to feel more like they come from a TCG while still remaining unique for version 4.0, as SC always does its best to succeed at 😉.

I’ve given a side-by-side comparison of the same card, so that you can see the impact the changes make.

Rather than filling in the blank circles with colored orbs for a card’s action cost, we’ve shifted it to a numerical system on the same part of the card. Now, even new players will be able to recognize that the top right dictates a cost as soon as they look at the cards! We’ve also changed they typefaces used to fit our universe even better.

Additionally, we have taken the icons off of the card text for the sake of readability (don’t worry, they will still exist in-game when your cards are in the arena).

The new design contains all of the same elements as its predecessor, but displays it in a much cleaner manner while also allowing for more space to have the artworks displayed.

Oh, the redesign is still optimized for physical print, if you were curious 😏

Let us know what you all think of our new in-game card appearance! We hope this visual shift is as exciting for you guys as it is for us ✨.


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