I’m back, SC supporters!

Today we are going to be diving into the creative process of one of our newest artists, Emmanuel Aguilar (@Mysticfox4 on social media), and his creation of our first Goblinoid character art!

Emmanuel started this piece off by giving us three different compositions he felt potentially fitting for the character.

Each composition was full of potential, as you can see here.

We actually loved what he did with all of these, but decided for this particular character, the face of B and the composition of C combined would make for the best “Varag Shaman” in this case!

Moving forward, he came back to us with his second presentation.

Dark foreground, or dark background? That is the question

While both color setups have their merit, we ultimately decided with B in this case. Emmanuel is incredibly talented, and incredibly communicative with his updates, by the way 😉

Now we get to the coloring portion! For the third presentation, Emmanuel shared with us the image of everything blocked out plus a good amount of detail.

Such Progress!

At this point, we were 100% sold on Emmanuel’s vision of the card, and he then proceeded to add all of the finishing touches to the piece.

Here is the final presentation for previewing

As you can all see, Emmanuel is a skilled artist, and he has real passion for character creation. You will 100% be seeing more art from him in Spirit Clash moving forward.

The final images for our in-wallet mint and in-game card of Varag Shaman

Goblinoids never looked so good!

I hope this has been an enjoyable read with some insight to one of our newest artist’s creative processes!

Spirit Clash MFT

One final thing… Spirit Clash has also officially announced and shown what our MFT (Multiverse Founders Token) looks like, and I feel I should give you guys a look at it here before I go.

As Emmanuel would say, stay mystical, friends!

If you guys like this article, please let us know. I will make more ARTicles in the future if it’s something you all enjoy 😉

– Voltriph


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