Hello SC faithful, many of you have asked about this, so I’m going to lay it all out right here, right now. 😎

Since we have three separate purchasable tiers of packs, we’ve decided we are going to do something a little different than your standard “Top 10” purchases for a few of the awards.

The top purchaser in each tier will receive a PHYSICAL piece of artwork from one of the cards in the game. 🎨

* You read that correctly *

The top buyer of each tier will receive the ORIGINAL ART of one of the pieces shown below, mailed directly to their door, to hold onto a piece of the beginning… Forever.

From left to right – 3 card pack top purchaser, 5 card pack top purchaser, 7 card pack top purchaser

Top 10 Reward

Now let’s move onto what is more of a “standard” Top 10 purchasers prize. I have to put quotes around it because this is anything but a standard reward. All of the presale’s Top 10 Contributors will receive the Spirit Clash Shield of Valor. Only 10 of these will EVER be minted.

Oh, perhaps you would like to know the benefits of this item…

The shield will be backed by 500 Enjin so you know it means business, and these are the benefits you will receive for holding it. 👀

  • 50% off in-game purchases
  • An in-game title of “King of Kartulos”
  • Name a card that will release in a future set *we must deem it appropriate* (this will only be done one time per shield, so if it has been redeemed it will not be redeemable again)

We want our earliest and most faithful members to be rewarded down the road for helping us bring the lands of Kartulos into this world, and this is how we are doing it. Big rewards for big players.

You can find the presale right here.

We have also still not sold out of the first 500 tier 3 packs, but less than 200 of the Enjin Multiverse Items that have a market value of up to $50 are still up for grabs as well! Make sure to snag them while they’re still available 😉

The four Multiverse items that are up for grabs! – Shadowsong, Forgehammer, Soulshift Armor, Multiverse Mike

New Payment Method for Presale

Additionally, we have recently teamed up with Rhovit so those of you that aren’t as privy to purchasing Ethereum can snag some packs simply using your PayPal accounts! ✨

Did Somebody Say Black Friday?! 🎁

As you all know… BLACK FRIDAY is coming.

From Friday, the 29th of November at 8am PST until Sunday, the 1st December at midnight 12am PST, EVERY 7 card pack purchased through Rhovit will receive a free 3 card pack. All of these 3 card packs will be sent at the same time as their 7 card pack counterparts. 😉

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