We know this is something you’ve all been waiting for… And we are happy to announce some official minting has finally taken place!

You’ve been hearing about “VFT” (Virtue Founder’s Token) from us for quite a while now, and the time has come for us to start distributing them 😏 … But before we do that, we’d like to let you guys know a little bit about them!

Charm, Fury, Plague, Tempest, Wrath, and Zen

These are the six Virtues in Spirit Clash, and we know some of you have already chosen where your loyalties lie 😉 BUT WHAT IS A VFT? Great question, mate. Holding a specific VFT will grant you in-game rewards over time in regards to that specific Virtue. So, if you are a believer in the teachings of Wrath and hold that VFT, you will receive Wrath-based rewards 😈 This goes for all virtues.

One thing we’ve only touched on a little bit that we are now comfortable announcing publicly, is our OVT. What in the world is the OVT?! 😱 This, my friends, is the “Overlord of Virtues” token. If you have obtained ALL SIX VFTs, you can send them in to us, and we will then send you an OVT. It is effectively all six VFTs in one, with a bit of extra juice added in. So if you’re a true fan of Spirit Clash and all Virtues, this will be the token you want to end up with.

Are you a master of all six Virtues?

Like I said, this token is for the tried and true, the masters of all six Virtues, the creme de la creme, as it were. There will be an incredibly finite amount of OVTs throughout time, and only the most dedicated players will hold these in their wallets. We are interested to see which one of you will be the FIRST to hold one 🤔 .

As we have stated on numerous occasions, our VFTs will NEVER BE SOLD by us. You will only be able to obtain these from us during official competitions and giveaways. Speaking of giveaways… Shortly after you finish reading this article, you should surely check back on our Telegram and Discord for something in regards to that 👀 . Now, moving on…

Spirit Clash also has an official MFT (Multiverse Founder’s Token) as well. The rewards granted to those holding our MFT will differ from the Virtue-based rewards our VFT holders will receive, but they will still most definitely be sought after.

Spirit Clash MFT

These beauties are not quite like the VFTs. I will be completely transparent about our MFTs right here and now. There will be 300 directly for sale to our loyal supporters. There will never be more than 300 MFTs, and they will grant beta access as well as awesome airdrops!

Once again, I hope this has been an enjoyable read for those of you that want to know where our Founder’s Tokens sit within the multiverse! Let us know if you have questions about them, and make sure to check-in about our FIRST VFT giveaway. It will be launching TODAY, May 25th, 2019 (perhaps the 26th for some of you).

I look forward to seeing who gets the first VFTs in this space 😎


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