The rewarding blockchain-based platform RHOVIT is getting ready for 2020 with tons of updates and the launch of the Multiverse game RHOAM. Earlier today, they announced the creation of their own ERC1155 Smart Contract. Initially developed by Enjin and accepted as an official token standard from Ethereum Blockchain.

Get Ready For The RHOAM Founder’s Token

The first item minted using the new ERC1155 Smart Contract will be RHOAM’S Founder’s token. The MFTs (Multiverse Founders Tokens) is a well-known token that is shared across the early adopters of Multiverse Games. Usually, holding an MFT brings NFT airdrops, discounts, and benefits that vary between games and platforms.

The RHOAM Blockchain Game


Tied to the RHOVIT platform, RHOAM is going to offer a fun and engaging way for users to play and earn in-game assets. Before we talk more about the game, let’s have a look at how it’s tied with the platform.

RHOVIT rewards both content providers and users for creating and unlocking articles/videos etc. with Rbit tokens, an NEM based Cryptocurrency. Rewarding doesn’t stop here as RHOVIT also offers NFTs that can be used in RHOAM.

Now imagine getting a reward from the platform and with a single button click, move to RHOAM, play the game and win even more assets. In case you are not familiar with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), they are blockchain-based assets that once you receive them, they belong to you. Keep them or sell them at any given time without having to worry about in-game bans and other issues we encounter in regular games.

It’s worth to mention, RHOAM will use a profit-sharing system where the earnings will go back to the gamers.

The Incoming Wave of Users

The platform will have an immense wave of incoming updates within 2020, the next phase of RHOVIT will gear up the platform towards a mainstream audience with usability in mind. The process of onboarding creators with ease is highly essential, mainly because their followers will follow right after.

Imagine Youtube allowing it’s 2B active users to play and earn in-game asset and a native token through watching videos and playing a game. 

The Next RHOVIT Stage

While the platform is in beta for over 6 months, they have managed to create a decent user-base who actively share and unlock community-made content. The recent Rbit Shop update puts RHOVIT in the front seat of becoming the “Kickstarter” for blockchain games with exclusive NFTs, digital goods, and apparel already available.

Rbit shop by rhovit

We have been in beta for a little over 6 months now. While we have released some updates, the biggest one being the Rbit Shop, most of the new features are yet to come. 

Keep in mind that RHOVIT will not do an ICO, you can read more about the economy here.

In a later date, content creators will be able to offer their own rewards, including collectible assets, erc1155 tokens backed by ENJ, Stickers, custom emojis, and much more!

The ERC1155 Contract by RHOVIT

The platform wants to host all the creator’s content and information on their own without having to rely on external sources. As a result, developing their individual smart contracts is a necessity to move forward. RHOVIT sees the abilities of ERC1155 as the best solution for scaling cost-effectively. Remember that ERC1155 allows sending assets in batches, in contrast to ERC721, which is done individually.

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