We have been hard at work preparing Mech Madness. A pioneering gaming experience using the Telegram messaging application with blockchain.

Cats in Mechs is an IOS/Android game that is being developed. It is a top-down shoot em up with collectible items that are truly owned by the player. These items are stored on your phone in the Enjin wallet, which is a persistent means of which players can maintain items between games.


People familiar with messaging apps may be familiar with Telegram. A messaging app that lets you join groups on via their desktop application or their mobile version. From both, you’ll be able to design, build and fight your friends with your very own mech.

Now reimagine this game for telegram.


This player vs player application allows combatants to sync their Enjin wallets and challenge others on telegram in live turn-based mech mashing combat. Within the telegram messaging on their phone or their PC players will be able to equip Cats In Mechs items onto a virtual mech built into their account.

No downloads, updates or extra software needed.

Have the telegram messaging app? You’re halfway there.

The player can see the rarity of their items and discover special combinations as they swap and experiment with different mech builds. Our players can challenge their friends and rivals in a cross-play format that rewards the best players and decision-makers. As they rush to collect, trade and compete for stat boosted items based on the rarity of the edition numbers.


Collectibility with real gameplay that’s live.

What would this look like?


This Yarn Gun is number 250 out of 10,000. It will get a stat boost vs other Yarn Guns that are less rarer than it. This transforms trading because now you can seek out a variety of weapons that can give you that extra edge you need to excel in combat.

These stat boosts are for a reason. A common can actually be rarer than an uncommon based on the edition number which means incredibly high numbered commons can have higher stats than other uncommons and some rares!

In the telegram game, players see these emojis next to their items that represent the edition number of their Enjin backed collectible cats in mechs item.

So in the middle of a catfight you know you’re grabbing your shiniest toy.

Couple this with the fact rarer edition numbers open up even more combos! If you combine the right weapons you can unleash devastating combinations that’ll turn your foe into scrap metal.


Another cool aspect is it is syncing up with our game that’s in development.

Our two versions can “talk” to one another and sync the items between our games. So items usable in the game on telegram can work in the mobile game from within the Enjin wallet. As seen below, the same “ Yarn Gun” is being displayed as it would in the game on telegram.

We are excited to show more features and reveal more surprises as we get closer to unlimited cat fights.

Stay tuned as we drop more details and news such as our upcoming item sale.

Come find us in our Telegram where we give updates and where you will soon get to battle!


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