Project Update — December 2019 LAND Presale

The latest developments and updates on The Sandbox gaming platform

Our first round of LAND presale events went live this December 5th and after just 4 hours the 3.096 available parcels (including those from our partners) were sold and the hundreds of users who participated are now pioneering owners of a piece of the Sandbox metaverse.

While the presale launch event was experiencing furious activity, our development team kept working on new features and important advancements for the Game Maker that will be released in the first quarter of 2020.

In this edition of our product update: learn about the latest improvements for the upcoming version of VoxEdit, the full details of our initial LAND and ASSET presale success, our second LAND presale event planned for Q1 2020, and more!

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Game Maker

Postprocess lightning

In order to provide a powerful Game Maker experience, the software is focused on providing tools and features for not only experienced game creators, but also enabling enthusiast players with intuitive and straightforward features that can be easily utilized to help them create, play and monetize games on the blockchain within our decentralized gaming platform.

Features include various terraforming tools and the ability to integrate this key element of the project with the other tools that are part of our gaming platform — VoxEdit & The Sandbox Marketplace. We are now fine tuning the Game Maker elements for a Q1 2020 release.

In addition to loading assets from the marketplace and the tools that are meant to terraform each LAND, a current focus is the Postprocess of the lightning, which will affect the visuals created with the Game Maker. The intention is to allow the use of a large quantity of NFTs, and pair them seamlessly with the gameplay experiences that will be available with the pending visual scripting tools. This critical feature will affect the overall lightning that will cover your LAND.

The performance of the game experiences is a key factor that we are focusing on when creating and polishing existing features, including working on the maximum amount of possible assets that can be placed, gameplay mechanics and land terraforming, without limiting players and creators or affecting the visual quality and performance.

While the release of The Sandbox Game Maker is due during the first quarter of 2020, you can join our Game Maker fund and share with us your ideas for game experiences and participate for a grant of up to $30,000 USD.

Apply today to The Sandbox Game Maker Fund https://gamefund.sandbox.game/


LAND presale results

The 3,096 available presale LANDS were bought by users in just 4 hours, with 2,123 LAND parcels sold within the first hour alone. The lucky LAND owners who participated in our event are now the first owners of a piece of the Sandbox metaverse. Welcome!

As a result of only offering 2.5% of the total LANDs from the metaverse at a 40% discount, the response was overwhelming and not everyone had the chance to get a piece of the metaverse or choose the location they wanted for their LAND.

Given this, we are already preparing our second LAND presale event for the first quarter of 2020, this time containing 5% of the total LAND supply (6,192). Learn more about this on our LAND token economics article.

If you haven’t already, you can pre-register to join The Sandbox and participate in our presale events.



ASSET presale

See the asset on our Marketplace

The Sandbox LAND presale is sold out, but you still have time to get one of the five amazing assets that will only be available during this first presale. You have 6 days until it ends!

Get your asset:



The next big update we have prepared for VoxEdit includes many of the tools and features that the artists using the software were eager to try. Now, thanks to The Sandbox Creator Fund, the artists working with us are in possession of this last version to share with our development team feedback and ideas to add improvements to this new version before its release.

From the addition of Inverse Kinematics to a handful of features added into the rigger, the next version of VoxEdit will provide artists with more tools to create amazing voxel assets and animations that can be monetized into the blockchain, create game experiences and more!

Download the latest version of VoxEdit and start creating: https://www.sandbox.game/en/create/

The Sandbox on media

The Sandbox’s partners

Following the release of our first LAND presale event, The Sandbox received numerous media coverage from Crypto-gaming news media, blockchain projects, and our partners.

Crypto-gaming press coverage:


Thanks for reading about all of the exciting advancements with one of the most highly anticipated projects in the blockchain gaming space! From entire Sandbox team, we wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season where there are holidays, and for the rest of you, we wish that your next holidays arrive soon!

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