With the launch of our marketplace this week, we’re taking our first steps towards a true play-to-earn economy. To make this a reality we are: resetting core card collections, resetting everyone’s level and temporarily turning off the forge for Core cards. We know it’s tough to see all those cards reset…. So, as a reward for everyone’s incredible support throughout beta, we’ll be giving qualifying beta users an exclusive, fully tradable card — “Blessed Ibis.” #blessed.

We have used all the feedback and data gathered from the balancing beta to help us balance the play to earn economy whilst creating an amazing player experience. For those who aren’t familiar, play to earn is a disruptive model where players can earn items with real-world value just by playing the game. During the Genesis Raffle players could sell tokens they earned by winning multiplayer matches for real money. And our weekly Ranked Constructed tournaments give players the chance to earn rare prizes without spending a dime. Now, we’re stepping things up, and embedding play-to-earn into the very fabric of the game.

How It Works

Each time you level up, you will receive a pack of Plain core cards. Using a special resource called flux (more on this in an upcoming release) you can fuse 2 copies of the same Plain card to create a fully tradable Meteorite card. That’s right, we are removing Bronze and Iron! This was a very difficult decision for us as we loved the visuals of Bronze and Iron but the economy comes first. They may make a return in the future but our modeling shows that even the top experts weren’t going to make enough money from playing to call it to play to earn without flooding the economy with the low-quality level cards.

We modified the rewards you receive at each level to create a more exciting experience. New players will unlock Magic at level 4, Death at level 6 and Deception at level 8, giving them more time to explore the differences between the gods. We have also included special packs at milestone levels (10 and 25) — let us know what you think! The amount of XP required to reach each level has increased slightly, to adjust for us increasing the rewards at each level.

Blessed Ibis

Resetting core cards and levels is a necessary step to launching the economy. But we want to make sure we reward you all for supporting the game throughout beta. So, in that spirit, we’ve decided to give all players with a qualifying level in the beta an exclusive card: Blessed Ibis.

The number of copies (and the shine of those copies) you receive will depend on your achievements in the beta, prior to our recent level reset.

Ibis rewards:
– 1x Meteorite copies at level 25
– 2x Meteorite copies at level 50
– 3x Meteorite copies at level 100
– 2x Meteorite copies and 1x Shadow copy at level 150
– 3x Shadow copies at level 200
– 2x Shadow copies and 1 Gold copy at level 300
– 3x Gold Copies at level 400
– 2x Diamond copies at level 500

Players need to have their wallet linked in order to receive the Ibis. There is currently no timeline on its distribution

So start building your collections and be ready for future updates when you will be able to earn flux by winning games and fuse plain cards together to create tradeable core cards!

Note: botting is against the TOS and all accounts found to be botting will be banned and will not receive rewards.