It’s time. We know a lot of you have been waiting months for this and we are very pleased to finally be able to announce the release of an open beta version of Pathfinders!
With Enjin integration. With character progression. With playable NFTs. And yes, with plenty of top-down sci-fi shooting action!

Anyone can participate — and if you’re an EverVerse Founders Token (EFT)(https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/68772488) holder you can even be rewarded for your participation!

And fear not: If you’re not yet an EFT holder but want to start earning EverVerse Coins today you can still get a Founders Token from our shop (https://infocusgames.com/shop/) — keep in mind though that supplies probably won’t last long. And that the price will increase in the near future (unless we run out before of course).

The open beta version of the game requires a bit of space, so to get started you better just download the game launcher already 😉

Download launcher: https://bit.ly/3eq5VsI

Run it run it as administrator and let it download the full game.

Also if any patches are available please use the “Update” feature in the launcher before starting the game.

Now while the game downloads check out the teaser below and read on to learn more about what you can expect from the open beta!

Game modes

There are currently 4 games modes available:

  • Space Exploration
  • Colosseum (Practice mode)
  • Colosseum (Competitive mode)
  • The Pit
Overview of available game modes

Space Exploration and Colosseum (Practice mode) are open for anyone who registers and link their wallet. Colosseum (Competitive mode) and The Pit are only open for EFT holders currently.

Space Exploration

Is currently a proof of concept mode to demonstrate a part of the future game modes in Pathfinders. You can fly your spaceship around, shoot at stuff, and be intrigued how difficult it is to navigate and pilot a space ship. But there are currently no enemies and really not much else to do in this game mode.

Space Exploration game mode

Colosseum (Practice mode)

Is as mentioned open for anyone, and allows you to try 2 different characters and 2 different weapons in a wave style game mode with 10 total waves. The characters are Ashley (https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/66827839) and Mortar (https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/66827838). Which of the two you get to play as is chosen randomly when you start the game mode. Both characters have access to a Cataclysm Rifle (https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/75215926) and a Two-handed Sword for melee combat (switch weapons using the mouse wheel).

Melee combat in Colosseum

Colosseum (Competitive mode)

Is as mentioned only open for EFT holders. This might change in the future but we currently want to reward our early supporters. (Did we mention that you can still get your hands on an EFT from our shop?). The game play is similar to Colosseum (Practice mode) except there are 40 waves at increasing difficulty instead of 10. Also you can use all characters and weapons you hold as NFT’s in your wallet, mobs can drop EverVerse Coins and Silver and you can earn experience points for your character and account. Try out different characters and weapons to find the ideal combination!

Colosseum (Competitive mode) — Experience and silver loot is visible on the right

The Pit

Is also only open for EFT holders currently. The gameplay is also wave-style, but the monsters are harder to kill and the map is much bigger allowing for more movement, alternative kite tactics and combat on several levels (try jumping using space and then pressing space again in the middle of the jump to reach higher ground). In this mode the loot and progression system is similar to Colosseum (Competitive mode).

The Pit — Use the terrain to your advantage

Rewards and game progression

If you’re the lucky holder of an EFT you can find EverVerse Coins (EVC) and Silver in two game modes and also earn experience points for your characters and account.

EVC is a cross-game currency that in the future will play a major role in the EverVerse game series developed by InFocus Games. It will be used to buy characters, loot boxes, ships, materials and so on.

EverVerse Coin

Silver will be an in-game currency probably only used in Pathfinders. Here however it will play an important role in trading ships, parts, materials, etc. with both other players and NPC’s.


Experience points are applied both to individual characters and your account. For now it is only pre-sale characters that can be leveled up, meaning that any character looted in the previous demo where blockchain enabled loot was enabled cannot be leveled currently. The non-presale characters can be recognized by having Clone in the name. Leveling up characters provide a boost to their base attributes — the specifics of this system will be provided in a future post.

Jack – Level 4

For now the only currency we can promise won’t be reset later is the EVCs earned in the beta. This means silver, character and account progression may be kept past the beta, but if the the economy or levelling system become imbalanced they may also be reset. Please keep this in mind! 🙂

Characters, skills and weapons

There are currently a number of characters available as NFTs on Enjinx and most of them are supported in the game. Please notice that only pre-sale characters can be leveled up currently — but clones are a cheap alternative to try out a new character 😉

All characters currently have 2 individual skills and also have access to the ultimate finisher “Nuke” currently. Please bear in mind that which skills each character have access to may change in the future — and the same goes for their individual stats. We are still in beta and everything can be changed (more or less) in order to ensure we end up with a well balanced and fun game that is NOT pay-to-win 🙂

The Nuke — Nuff’ said

We even plan to make some skills into NFT that can be looted, traded and equipped — but more on this in a future post!

As mentioned only pre-sale characters can currently earn experience. In a future update the non-pre-sale characters will also be able to level up. However, pre-sale characters will have slightly higher attributes than clones to account for their extra value.

There’s already a number of weapons available as well:

Primary weapons

On top of your primary weapon you can also equip a secondary from the list below.

Secondary weapons

Soon you will also be able to equip a melee weapon! But more on that in a future post 😉

Bugs, questions and the future

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us through one of the channels below.

If you find any bugs in the game please report them using the #bug-reports channel on Discord where you can also join our community of players. Alternatively use our Telegram channel.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/zbwTMnH
Telegram: https://t.me/InFocusGamesGroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamesInfocus
Website: https://infocusgames.com
Store: https://infocusgames.com/shop/

We’ll soon release a road map for the coming weeks, to let you all know which features you can expect — and when. Keep an eye on our Twitter and follow us to stay updated.

That was all for today, good luck and hope you enjoy the open beta 🙂


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