We are very excited to announce our partnership with Sandbox Network, a major digital entertainment Multi-Channel Network company in South Korea!

Sandbox Network, Inc., founded in 2015, is a digital entertainment company that provides multi-channel network services for digital contents. Sandbox is the second largest Multi-channel network company in Korea and the largest gaming contents network. Sandbox Network is well-known for managing popular game creators including Dotty, who is also the company’s chief creative officer, with over 2.5 million subscribers. They manage 360 creators including popular Korean comedians and celebrities. In 5 years, Sandbox Network was able to accumulate 170M subscribers and 2.3B viewers in total in their affiliated YouTube channels. Sandbox Network is considered as a fastest growing entertainment company in the MCN market.

A screenshot of Sandbox Network Founder Dotty playing Minecraft — Dotty is the most popular game content creator in Korea with 2.5 million YouTube subscribers

Through this partnership The Sandbox will provide Game Maker and support materials to Sandbox Network; Sandbox Network will gain right to publish The Sandbox related YouTube content in Korea and be endorsed as official creators of The Sandbox; Sandbox Network creators will produce creative/educational contents using “The Sandbox” tools; both companies will collaborate for mutual promotion.

Sandbox Network Head of Gaming Content Chanki Kim said, “We are excited to partner with the Sandbox as they are building the new ecology of content. I believe that this partnership will not only open up new opportunities for Sandbox Network, but also for all Sandbox creators. I am excited for the future collaborations with The Sandbox.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Sandbox Network will receive a large digital space known as ESTATE in the upcoming LAND Presale Round 3 — which will be launched on March 31. Sandbox Network will create single and multi-player games and world experiences. Also, “The Sandbox” will provide additional LAND to Sandbox Network creators.

The Sandbox Co-Founder and COO Sebastien Borget expressed his excitement, “We are thrilled to make Sandbox Networks the exclusive partner for The Sandbox decentralized virtual world gaming in Korea for YouTube streaming . They have proven to be the most innovative and dynamic company in digital entertainment and we share the same vision of empowering creators. I can’t wait to see the amazing content their network of 120 YouTube Creators will create. They will be the best ambassadors to showcase to mainstream gamers and creators in Korea how blockchain can benefit them, making fun multiplayer games, truly owning their game assets as NFTs and monetising their time and skills.”

Our third LAND presale will launch on March 31st! You can already pre-register to purchase a parcel of LAND at a discounted price.

Make sure you pre-register your wallet and confirm your email here: https://register.sandbox.game/landpresale3

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