We are happy to announce our partnership with Paladin Studios, an independent game developer from the Netherlands.

Paladin Studios is a game company that creates fun games on all major platforms, from mobile to console. In business since 15 years, Paladin is known for its innovative approach to existing, well-established, as well as new IP, their distinct visual polish and great game-feel, and for being a reliable partner.

Some of their recent releases are: Good Job! (published by Nintendo), My Tamagotchi Forever, Galaga Wars and Katamari Damacy (all published by Bandai Namco), and Stormbound Kingdom Wars. The passionate team of creators has worked with renowned partners like Nintendo, Bandai Namco, DeNA, Kongregate, LEGO and others.

The Paladin Studios Estate located at 30, -144

With the goal to create games that bring a smile to every user — be it a twinkle, loud laugh or evil grin, we can’t wait to see what original game experience is created by the team on the Paladin Studios ESTATE. Our collaboration is expected to result in a colorful and engaging gaming experience built on The Sandbox.

Join us now

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