We are proud to announce our collaboration with Old Skull Games, an experienced mobile game studio from France!

With dozen of games developed and co-produced since their creation in 2012, Old Skull Games is a creative video game development studio specialized in the design, production, and operation of mobile free-to-play games. The studio has alreay started the production of its new IP Raid Heroes, a real-time multiplayer RPG for mobile devices. The studio also explored the time-management genre and released three games that reached together more than ten million downloads.

These new games have led the tech-savvy group of game developers to develop their own tools and framework and is now set to participate in the Game Makers Fund project.

At the heart of this ambitious project, Old Skull Games will be working on the Game Engine, VoxEdit and the Game Maker to script, build and animate exclusive gaming experiences for our metaverse.

Keep an eye out for Old Skull Games’ creations that will be brought out to The Sandbox!

We are thrilled to collaborate with Old Skull Games and to rely on their expertise to expand The Sandbox’s gaming experience. They already have their own ESTATE…

1st round of LAND Presale is Soldout

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