We are excited to announce our partnership with MetaMask, the most popular Ethereum wallet in the world!

MetaMask is a cross-device wallet that supports browser extensions, iOS, and Android. The wallet, trusted by over one million of users worldwide, acts as a gateway to many decentralized applications including our dashboard.

MetaMask has been one of the first crypto wallets to be integrated within our platform. Through this partnership we will deepen the integration and compatibility of MetaMask’s technology within our platform.

The Sandbox will keep integrating blockchain technology with the expertise of the MetaMask teams to create better and faster in-game transactions. In addition to their support in integrating their technology in The Sandbox we will build gaming experiences with MetaMask as in this third round of LAND presale, MetaMask will have a LAND assigned to them to bring our communities together.

Join us now

Pre-register for the upcoming LAND Presale and join our community:

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