We are excited to announce that we are partnering with League of Kingdoms, a blockchain MMO Strategy game where medieval kingdoms will collide for dominion of the continent.

NOD Games, the game company behind the League of Kingdoms game, plans on trailblazing the blockchain industry with engaging game content and a self-sovereign economic ecosystem. They plan to achieve this by delighting gamers with engaging content and empowering users with true ownership.

League of Kingdoms is a blockchain MMO Strategy game where medieval kingdoms compete for dominion of the continent. The continent will be a vibrant ecosystem where gamers build kingdoms, create alliances, compete for dominance and govern through democratic processes running on blockchain smart contracts. All lands, properties and skins will be baked into NFTs of which gamers can trade freely and seamlessly across blockchain.

As they fine-tune their multi-chain MMO strategy game, ‘League of Kingdoms’ for launch in the upcoming month, we cannot be more excited about this partnership. This ESTATE in The Sandbox metaverse will be used as a bridge between the two worlds: League of Kingdoms’ continent and The Sandbox metaverse. Details are still in the drawing board and to be determined soon. Hang tight!

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