We are excited to announce our partnership with Gitcoin, a platform for freelance developers, designers, coders, companies and employers to collaborate on open source projects!

Gitcoin is a platform that pairs developers and companies to work on projects and bounties, allowing the former to monetize their skills on a broader scale and the latter to scout and hire global talent. It also helps with crowdfunding projects by leveraging the open source community.

With this partnership, Gitcoin claimed stakes in The Sandbox. We will be collaborating closely to launch hackathons for game creations and organizing special bounties on Gitcoin. Their Estate could be a rallying point for our communities to collaborate and build as well.

The Gitcoin Estate located at 141, -45

“Gitcoin is excited to pair with The Sandbox as we consider the possibilities for building open communities in an internet first context. We’re excited to experiment together on new ways to bring people together virtually to build, together.” says Vivek Singh Gitcoin’s Co-Founder and COO.

Join us now

Pre-register for the upcoming LAND Presale and join our community:

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