It is our honor to announce that The Sandbox and Bitski are partners!

Bitski is a developer platform that features the first digital wallet built for mainstream adoption.

Bitski is empowering our developers and users to access new experiences unlocked by blockchains. Bitski’s flagship product is the User Wallet — a unique hardware-secured private key storage solution and single-sign-on wallet built for mainstream adoption. Additionally, they provide a convenient set of tools that help developers integrate blockchain into their product.

Bitski recently closed a successful round of funding, some of the investors include: Coinbase, Galaxy Digital, Kindred Ventures and Winklevoss Capital among its supporters, proving that the startup is making waves in the crypto industry.

The Sandbox is using multiple tools offered by Bitski to help reach a more mainstream audience. Bitski is helping The Sandbox by providing users that are new to blockchain with a default Bitski User Wallet

As one of Bitski’s key partners on the gaming side, The Sandbox will be helping in advancing the process of mass adoption by bringing more public awareness to Bitski’s User Wallet, and their platform.

As Bitski’s CEO, Donnie Dinch said: “The Sandbox is the perfect game for players to leverage new experiences like true digital ownership and value accrual, that can only be attained via blockchain.”

The Sandbox and Bitski’s partnership is all about providing users with a secure, reliable and easy-to-use wallet in order to have the smoothest gaming experience free of hassle.

We can’t wait for our community of users, creators, and players, to experience first-hand with Bitski’s wallet and see for themselves why we chose them!

Our LAND presale is launching on December 4th!

Register to be the first to purchase a parcel of LAND at a discounted price.LANDs are limited so don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

Make sure you pre-register your wallet and confirm your email here: https://register.sandbox.game/land

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