Welcome to a new series of gameplay tutorials accessible via Multiverse101 and created by Nhinestreams. It’s working title is – Nhinestreams Gameplay Tutorials, until we think of something cooler…or not.

Nhinestreams is an active streamer and blockchain gaming community member. He’s renowned for his gaming prowess, and in this new video series premiering on Multiverse101, he will give a rundown and descriptive stream of the blockchain games that are currently playable now.

Basically, the videos are to give you a feel for the games coming out and reveal some useful tips on gameplay.

We feel the blockchain gaming multiverse is about connection. Connection of technology, connection of people, connection of ideas and content. Multiverse101 is all about sharing and doing what we can to help and guide such connections. If you want to chat to Nhinestreams more about the gameplay, say hello on his Discord Channel.

Gameplay Tutorial – Pathfinders

Pathfinders is A Sci-Fi Top-Down-Shooter powered by ENJIN blockchain technology and a member of its Enjin Spark program. Explore. Conquer. Build and Defend. Defeat your enemies and discover in-game rewards backed by Enjin Coin.