New Year’s Resolution “I will HODL every day!” — Highscore Challange

Compete with the community and win rare Hodlers, Items and Spacecrafts

To celebrate the recent public beta release of Bitcoin Hodler, we’ve launched the New Year’s Resolution “I will HODL every day!” — Highscore Challenge.

To join the challenge, simply

1. Download Bitcoin Hodler public beta (Android, iOS(testFlight))

2. Sign up

3. Play & climb up the leaderboard

In this challenge, you will compete with the rest of the community for the best HODL TIME in a Round.

The challenge will run for two weeks, ending on February 6th around 12:00 pm UTC, at which time the leader board will be frozen and the best hodlers determined.

The best 100 hodlers are going to be rewarded with Enj-backed Hodlers, Items as well as MFTs and Hunter’s Badges. Check out the list below and visit the official website to learn more about items and skills in Bitcoin Hodler.

All winners will be announced on our social media channels.


Compete with the community and win your first Bitcoin Hodler Enj-backed game assets

We are planning to repeatedly launch highscore battles with numerous Enj-backed prizes to reward our early supporters for playing and helping us to shape and constantly improve the experience with Bitcoin Hodler. We want to thank you for playing and supporting our team through the public beta phase! Changes and improvements may also heavily affect the overall difficulty of the game. Therefor please concider that Leaderboards may be resetted AFTER a challange is completed in order to restart and retain equal chances for all when major updates should be necessary.

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