The blockchain smartphone, Exodus by HTC is one of the first blockchain smartphones and the first version of it proved to be extremely powerful! Now, its time for MyCryptoHeroes assets to become accessible through the digital wallet Zion.

The leading Ethereum dapp game, My Crypto Heroes teamed up with HTC Exodus and MCH players are now able to transfer their assets from PC to mobile and vice versa.

MCH made this official with a tweet on May 14th, 2019 and we can definitely say that this is great news for MCH and the crypto gaming industry as well.

MyCrypto Heroes is constantly in the top places of Ethereum games rankings, with over 40,000 players and a strong community in Japan and of course, worldwide, MCH is considered the dapp game with the most active players!

The ecosystem is huge and complex, there are so many elements to consider before assembling your team for a fight or a node attack but the gameplay is straight forward and newbie players can easily understand how to play the game as well as a lot of aspects of it.

Powered by Double Jump Tokyo, MCH has a bright future and an active development team. They focus a lot on their ecosystem and they definitely provide a one-of-a-kind pixel art gaming experience!

We challenge you to try out MyCryptoHeroes and begin your exciting journey!

Use our Code Kp8U and receive a Free Novice MCH Hero Sun Shangxiang‘.

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