A new game from the MCH+ ecosystem called My Crypto Saga will host a battle beta test on June 10th (Wed) ~ 14th (Sun). Also, the Trial Cup PVP tournament will take place on the last day of the Battle Beta test (June 14th).

My Crypto Saga (MCS) is a direct descendant of My Crypto Heroes (MCH) and will have a strong connection with MCH, and it’s assets. In the game, players will collect a variety of “Kamis” (Kami = God in Japanese) to form teams and battle. MCS aims to create a whole new world in cooperation with MCH.

About My Crypto Saga Battle Beta Test

The upcoming Battle Beta test aims to test the battle system and will take place inside MCH. To join, you must be a Lord in MCH, meaning that you need to own at least one MCH land sector. If you are a Landowner, you can access MCS in a banner on the MCH home screen using the same ETH wallet that you hold a Land Sector.


Participants can fight using the new Cami and bring their own MCH Hero NFT into MCS to equip their Kami. The version of MCS battles will be “auto-battle” in a 3D map, with three different maps available, and you’ll be able to create teams of 5 Kami and equip them with a Soul, and Devices.

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After the Battle beta, MCS will host the first crowd sale featuring the Kamis. 

Besides testing the system, the team needs your feedback about improvements, to build a next-generation blockchain game with the community opinion in mind. To accomplish that, MCS will release a survey after the Battle Beta Test where you can answer questions like “How easy is it to understand?”, “How can we make this better?” “Is this fun?” and more.

The Trial Cup Event

Any participant of the MCS Battle Beta test can access the Trial Cup Event and fight PVP battles to claim an MCS Medal reward. Medal rewards will have usability as MCH Extension and MCS Karma device.

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