It’s time to announce the winners of the Multiverse101 MFT Giveaway. A massive thank you firstly goes out to all those that helped spread the word of the relaunch of the Multiverse101 website. We had well over 200 Retweets just via the Multiverse101 Twitter account, and there was a heap of other actions that everyone helped out with too. It means a lot to us to see such support, and gives us the drive to keep tinkering away on creating the best blockchain gaming resource we can for the community.

We first embarked on taking on the original Multiverse101 site, as we didn’t want to see the previous efforts and excitement of all those involved before go to waste, and we knew that the idea of The Multiverse was something to explore.

To be honest, we didn’t have much of an idea on what we were going to do with the site, but our first common goals were to create:

1. Something free and not done yet.

2. Something ultimately useful for the community.

3. Something that was fun, unbiased and open to showcase Blockchain Gaming easily to those who are seeking to know more.

Adoption and awareness of blockchain gaming is what we strive for. We feel we have achieved this in a basic form via the website, and hope you all are finding Multiverse101 useful as a resource. We also have tried to keep the original idea of daily news updates going with the Today in the Multiverse posts and kept the discussion channel going via the – Multiverse Movement. Keep an eye out on the movement channel too, random trivia pop (P101P) quizzes will be taking place occasionally with tokens from the community chest being up for grabs to those who win.

We know we have heaps more to do, and we are committed to expanding upon what has already been built. This is just the start! A movement requires momentum, and behind the scenes, 2020, is looking to be a great year for awareness and adoption. We thank all those who have joined and supported us in this exploration and expansion of the blockchain gaming multiverse thus far.

A big shout out to all the beta crew members who helped and pitched in with invaluable suggestions, and for pointing out the initial bugs we had pre launch. Special mention also goes to CZB who’s a MvB leader, and huge supporter of the whole community. The video above he kindly created and offered without us even asking, and is a great intro into what the site is about, and this generosity of his time is a great reflection of what we think this space is all about. So feel free to keep sharing Multiverse101 to others who know nothing of blockchain gaming, or share the content pages of your favourite games on twitter or other social platforms. You can actually do that straight from the site itself.

Support what you love, and help adoption through awareness!

To those that were the top 7 supporters, plus the 3 lucky randomly picked supporters, you are now part of the 101 crew, and have been sent the MV101 Founders Token (currently valued at 900ENJ) to the ETH/ENJ address you provided. The Founders Token is limited to only 101 supply, and is one of the first ENJ backed community tokens to become a gaming asset via its playability in Forgotten Artifacts as a Two-Handed Legendary Sword. Cliff – you’re a legend yourself, and what you’ve created for the whole community is history in the making! We will continue working with the help of game developers to see the MV101 Token’s playability to be truly a Multiverse Item. Its next collaboration is with Dissolution. Thank you Houston!!

Your MV101 Token token as shown in Forgotten Artifacts Inventory.


Enough stalling eh 😉 The winners are:

Andy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
MWMaehlisen (Michael Maehlisen)
JW Zhou (JW Zhou)
Jasper Tang (Jasper Tang)
metelsky9009 (Andrey Metelsky)
Martin Chew (Martin Chew)
Ericccc968 (Eric Choy)
MonacoAlec (A M)
JoeJosephJohnso (Joel Rhyner)
j_gonfer (Josep Gonzalez)

Top effort new MV101 Members! and keep fighting the good battle! If you have any queries, comments, or improvements on anything Multiverse101 please let us know at the Multiverse Movement. It’s your Multiverse101 as much as it is ours. In the meantime, we will keep sharing what’s going on ‘Today in the Multiverse’ and keep pushing into the future multiverse of what is blockchain gaming.

We gather. We share. We are 101.

Multiverse101 Crew 🙂

Your MV101 Token as seen in Forgotten Artifacts.