Merry Christmas! Dissolution Boxing Day Sale

Details about our Boxing Day sale (aka. “Say no to going bankrupt” sale)

Yes, we are actually serious, we’re going broke. That’s why if this sale seems a bit disorganized, etc. you know it was in a rush. Isn’t indie-development great? 😀 This is also an opportunity for us to test our new storefront and back-end. After the DFT sale website fiasco, we’ve added some beefy upgrades to the overall flow.

Boxing Day Gun

Luckily, for us, we just need to last until February, which we will be releasing our spaceship game modes along with a massive ship sale! (More details to come in the New Year)

Did someone say Boxing Day?

Yes that’s right! We are taking advantage of Boxing Day’s status as the Special Olympics of capitalism to shamelessly stick our hands our for some more juicy development funds (your funds will be going to a good cause/game). The sale will be on both Enjinx Marketplace and our official website. (please note, EnjinX will not give you DFT discounts)

So whats up for grabs?

We’ve got a small, deluxe selection of some sexy guns skins. For this sale, only silver and gold skins will be available. Only 25 gold skins and 100 silver skins will be available to be sold for each gun.

Zencor Mar-4 SMG

Zencor Origin Sniper Rifle

Zencor Surge Revolver

Zencor Hellfire Gold Pack

MHI P1 Pistol

Eye of the tiger

In addition to skins, we are also releasing a basic starter pack for new players, which contains a MHI Type 77 Assault rifle, CDA-2 Medium Armor, and a Flashbang grenade for $9.99.

Starter Pack

Tier Breakdown:

God-tier skins are the highest tier skin in the game. They are a complete redesign from the base model, inspired by Gods from different cultures and mythologies. Each God-tier skin is a completely unique one-off item, with its own unique animation set, particle effects, and sound. They will grant cool cosmetic bonuses in game along with being totally badass. These items will be backed by 1000 Enj, with a supply of 1 per variation.

Legendary Skins are also complete redesigns on the base model and are limited to a supply of 10. They will feature different particle effects and sound. Legendary skins will be backed by 500 ENJ.

Diamond Skins are complete redesigns that are more toned down in comparison to the Legendary and God Tiers. They will be limited to a supply of 100 and will have redesigned particle effects and sounds, with an ENJ backing of 250

Platinum Skins use the base mesh of the model but feature heavy modifications to the item’s texture set, including bump-mapped surface details. These skins will follow a theme that relate to in-game lore to make them that much cooler. Platinum skins will be limited to a total supply of 500, with 200 ENJ backing.

Gold Skins use the base mesh of the model but feature a complex pattern or image on the gun. They will follow a theme like similar to the platinum skins, and are limited to 1,000 per variation with a ENJ backing of 100.

Silver Skins are infinite and feature a basic pattern such as camo.

Bronze skins are simple color variations on the base gun. They will be infinite in supply as well.

That’s all we have for now. Stay tuned for more details!

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