Each Thursday on our Pawecast you can vote for a tribute Cutie to join the game.

For example, the latest Cutieneer choice is already here:

Last week Cutieneer community has chosen a very mean pig to join the game.

You can describe him as a large, rather fierce-looking Berkshire boar. He doesn’t like small talk and is not the one to seek compromise with others.

He is ambitious in a supervillain type of way. He is power-hungry and has little regard for his fellow animals. It is safe to say that this pig is not very nice.

He wears a typical office worker suit.

He has green evil eyes.

He is always angry.

Is it your fellow co-worker? Or is it the manager who was summoned by Karens too many times?

This Cutie will be launched and hidden in the game next week. Follow our Twitter to catch the exact moment it appears in the game.

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