What does it take to develop a game with an in-depth economy, without a single economic adjustment since day one? MegaCryptoPolis (MCP) was launched in May 2018, and since then, the gameplay has been upgraded with dozens of new additions and 3D. It’s proven to be one of the most successful and complicated games that run on smart contracts with 30,000 players holding MCP3D assets on both Ethereum and TRON blockchains.

In the second anniversary blog, MegaCryptoPolis highlighted the player’s payouts, which are more than 7,021 ETH and 20.5 Million on TRX. Combined, they surpass the $1,7 Million mark only from in-game payouts. If you take into consideration the sales on the internal market (3,043 ETH) and from Opensea (1,132 ETH), the total amount reaches $3,5 Million, placing it in the list with the most profitable blockchain games out there. Currently, MCP counts 227 active daily players on both chains with a $19.4k trading volume combined.

MCP bets big on scarcity

The Microeconomy and Multi-Chain support brought a whole new level of gameplay and excitement to MCP. All in-game assets live on the blockchain as ERC-721 tokens (for Ethereum), and many are extremely limited. The scarcity concept offers higher value to the NFTs (in-game items) as they are limited, and players can sell them on the marketplace for a higher price. MCP’s highest-selling asset sold on a secondary market for 64 ETH.

Today i gave MCP a try after a long time, and i was surprised by the updates the game has received. Back in 2018/19, owning land and some buildings was enough to receive a small percentage from the daily reward pool, but now resources production and building construction has become much more complicated than it was. While the level of difficulty may discourage some players, the renting market has exploded!

The MCH anniversary celebration

MCH is minting 12 exclusive “2nd Anniversary Celebration Lion Pet” tokens along with a +7 bonus to a citizen.

Ten Lion Pets will find equal winners through the sale of MCP3D packs until June 18, 2020, and the rest two will be given away to two random persons who post about MCP3D on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord using the #mcp3dbirthday tag. To become eligible, upload your favorite in-game screenshot, tag your friends and submit the link here

What’s next for MCH?

There are many updates planned as we read in the official announcement, and one of them is to integrate apartments with every interior item as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This will enhance secondary market trading as players would like to decorate their homes and create another economy layer by allowing players to produce electronic devices, furniture, and other objects by using the existing facilities.

The avatar Mode will receive a heavy lifting with simultaneous real-time interactions and access inside buildings. Moreover, players will be able to create their own custom experiences.

Among many additions, there will be a downloadable client, a free-to-play mode, unique buildings such as car plants, hotels and helicopters manufacture, assets interoperability between chains, and a mobile application.

MCH is counting on Ethereum 2.0, and TRON 4.0 arrivals for the scalability and speed issues all fully-decentralized games experience today. Ethereum is the leading force when it comes to blockchain gaming with the most significant developers community and an infinite amount of how-to and helpful information on the internet. Most new blockchain games choose Ethereum despite the scalability and transfer fee issues due to its vast community. All left is the arrival of Ethereum 2.0, which promises to solve multiple problems through the use of sharding technology. Hopefully, ETH 2.0 will come somewhere within 2021.

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