Locate Elemental Eggs on your adventures in Forgotten Artifacts and exchange them for limited-edition rabbit outfits!

Us game developers love a good Easter egg, so in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we’re hosting our own hunt in Forgotten Artifacts!

Join the Elemental Egg Hunt for your chance to claim legendary limited-edition rabbit outfits to wear on your dungeon adventures.

Join the Hunt

The Elemental Egg Hunt goes live on April 6, 2020 at UTC+0 and will run until April 15, 2020 at UTC+0.

To participate, head into town and:

  1. Locate the Wandering Merchant to view the quests she has for you. Use the game’s new ‘Track’ feature to monitor the requirements you’ve collected for the quest.
  2. Hit the dungeons to collect Elemental Eggs. (Only available in Echoing, Macabre and Haunted!).
    Once you’ve gathered enough, return to the Wandering Merchant to claim your legendary outfit of choice!
The Wandering Merchant is hanging around in the middle of town

Win Rare Rabbits

Legendary Rabbit Outfits

Those adventurers who complete the Elemental Egg Hunt will have their choice of Harley Hoppinson or Penny Presto, limited-edition legendary rabbit outfits.

Only 200 of these rare items will ever exist!

These Legendary outfits have a total global supply of 200 each!

Bonus Mythical Outfit

You can also own your very own limited-edition mythical Almond Schwarzenhopper outfit (50 total supply), which is only available for sale in the Forgotten Artifacts Shop! (Becomes available in the shop from April 6, 2020 at UTC+0)

This mythical outfit has a total global supply of 50!

We’ve been working hard to bring you continued updates, improvements, events, and collaborations, and we’d love your feedback!

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In the meantime, see you in Talmuth.

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