The Genesis Sale has ended. It sold out.

33,333 ETH later, we can’t be more thankful for everyone’s belief and support in the game.

Genesis cards will never be produced again. They’ll only become scarcer. They are now immutable (haha, get it?).

Now, activation.

We will soon be initiating the process of activating everyone’s cards. To ensure fairness for all members of our community, we will wait until this process is complete before officially unlocking trade. The estimated time remaining on this is 24–80 hours, depending on the congestion of the network. This is a little later than we had hoped to get you online trading, but you know, time is weird Downunder, and blockchain. You can see the progress through the activation progress bar on the home page of our website.

Why are we activating all these cards for you? Because we want to save you the gas fees. Even with engineering wizardry, it’s going to cost some 6 figures. But it’s a worthwhile cost to save you all from paying extra activation fees and (at no fault of your own) clogging the network.

The other excellent news is, as promised, we’re now actively taking suggestions for Chris Clay’s cosplay in our Discord. What a time to be alive.

Introducing: A Place Where You Trade

With the launch of trading, we need a marketplace! So we created one.

The marketplace is your destination for trading with other players through the interwebz. It will feature all the cards needed to complete your collection, or build your dream deck.

Of course, you’ll be able to trade your cards in other areas (community websites, exchanges, some sketchy back alley, etc.). But you know, this is the one that we’re building and will be integrating deeper and deeper into the game over time (did someone say buy and sell straight from the board eventually?)

We’re not going to be selling any packs for a hot minute (they tell me at least December), so this will be your go-to place when you want some cards!

Oh, and trading is free!!!!

(minus gas fees, which we can’t do anything about because they help pay for the magic that makes Ethereum work, hoorah).

(and we’re eventually aiming to increase trading fees, to at least 1% to better-align incentives and allow for some cool growth opportunities for the game and community sites)


Cool huh? GG Designers.

When you get to play around with it, please give us your feedback in the #marketplace-feedback channel so we can make it better. We will be rapidly iterating.

Anyways, that’s all. Thanks for reading. You don’t need to do anything right now — we are hard at work activating for you and we will make another announcement as soon as activation is complete and trading goes live!


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