A new token and program to give back to the early supporters and community members who have helped build the kingdoms of Chronville

Originally, I had cooked up a plan to offer perpetual rewards, ongoing airdrops, and in-game status to my most dedicated supporters.

Enjin loved this plan so much that it has been shared across the multiverse (but more on that later).

The Forest Knight Multiverse Founder’s Token

The Multiverse Founder’s Token (MFT) is a badge of honor that represents the reputation of the owner and their inclusion in the multiverse founders’ network.

Backed by 20 ENJ, these ERC-1155 tokens will be tradable until the 1st of January, at which time each token will be bound to its owner’s blockchain address forever.

Once an honorable knight, always an honorable knight.

These are the first temporarily tradable, soon-to-be bound blockchain tokens ever.

So, as long as you hold that token (which will be forever), you will receive special perks in and out of Forest Knight.

You can view the token as a sort of season pass, except the season never ends for you.

Founding Knights will benefit in a variety of ways:

  1. They will be the first players to get invited to the early access release of Forest Knight, meaning they can play the game earlier than anyone else and can also have a direct impact on development.
  2. They will receive ongoing discounts and special offers in future item sales, so they can save their precious ENJ for another day.
  3. They will benefit from perpetual token airdrops. Certain rare and valuable items will be sent exclusively to the holders of our MFT. They can choose to keep them and let their enemies fear them in the world of Chronville, or they can sell them. Because of the limited-edition nature of the airdrops, the market value of these items will be sacred.

The Imperial Shield

I am proud to present to you the guardians of the realm: The Imperial Shield.

“The Imperial Shield” (from left to right): Imperial Knight, Imperial Assasin, Imperial Mage, Imperial Priest, Imperial Archer

How to Receive a Knight of the Imperial Shield

  1. Holders of the Forest Knight MFT will be rewarded with the Founder’s Chest upon first entering Forest Knight. The chest will grant them a chance to win a Knight of the Imperial Shield, plus other prizes that will aid them in their fight for glory. The chest will act similarly to Twitch Prime in-game loot, but more exclusive and free.
  2. Forest Knight MFT hodlers will be added to a special email list which will serve as the main method of communication for any exclusive airdrops, giveaways, and in-game rewards.

Now the question remains: how can you get your hands on the Forest Knight MFT?

Well, for honor’s sake, you can’t buy it.

“Buying honour, in itself, is dishonourable” — The King of Chronville

How to Receive Your MFT

Initially, the first 400 people to join the Forest Knight Telegram channel will be granted the Founder’s token.

Note: After joining our community, you will need to register your details in the form below.


After that, receiving these rewards will become a lot tougher—an honor only bestowed upon the luckiest of knights.

Soon after, 300 Forest Knight MFTs will be distributed via a super secret Enjin giveaway that, in my opinion, is part of one of the most exciting Enjin releases to date.

Lastly, for every 100 new members over and above the 400 founding members, there will be a lottery in which 10 are granted the MFT. Every time 10 new founders are knighted, the king of the realm will reward all founders with an airdrop.

This will continue until 100 new members are added to the knights, which means there will be a total of 11 initial Airdrops containing exclusive ENJ-backed items.

The contents of the airdrops will become more and more valuable over time.

The Mentors

Now, I want to introduce you to our new mentorship program, because all knights should act like a role model in the kingdom.

When we have reached 400 members in our Telegram group, the mentorship program will begin.

Every member who joins can state who invited them to the group (their mentor), and if they win the Founder’s Token, their mentor will receive a Sigil of Charisma.

When the knights' group is full, the mentor with the most Sigils of Charisma will win a one-of-a-kind Staff of Charisma, backed by 1000 ENJ. All knights of the winning mentor will receive a limited-edition Red Squire Axe, backed by 1 ENJ, which will never again be available after the competition has concluded.

Staff of Charisma and the Red Squire Axe

The Multiverse Founders’ Network

All founding games of the multiverse will have their own MFT to offer their community. Owning these tokens will be forever proof that you were here from the inception of this spiraling network of games.

We will not only reward holders of the Forest Knight MFT, but will also offer in-game rewards to everyone who holds an MFT. All members of the Multiverse Founders’ Network will be welcomed into Forest Knight with exclusive rewards and in-game loot.

This has become a deep collaboration with Enjin and all of their early adopters, and I’m very excited to see where these possibilities take us.

We value our community more than anything. Join https://t.me/Forestknight to become a Founding Knight—an honor that no one can ever take away from you.

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